Emmen – September 18th 2010 Meeting Report

The Golden Helmet meeting at Emmen saw forty five F1 stock cars take to the track including six UK based BriSCA F1 stockcars. Remco de Buck (92) was present in the Bas Stolk (840) car and Dutch Open champion Fred Hink (35) was in the Martijn de Veij (97) machine with its loud, powerful engine after suffering engine problems with his own car at the Coventry World Final on 4th September. Bauke Visser (502) was making a welcome return on track after a year lay off due to a back injury.

Of the UK visitors Chris Fort (3) was present in the ex Chris Bonner car now under the ownership of Ivan Pritchard with a blue coloured wing but was down to start as a white grader. Daniel Wainman’s car had come over with the Neachells; brother Frank Wainman obviously being busy with the ministox Gold Cup race back in the UK.

Emmen F1 stock cars Johan de Rond 5 and Chris Fort 3. Photo Colin Casserley

Heat one saw twenty two cars come onto the track, including Chris Fort (3), Daniel Wainman (212) and Ed Neachell (321). At the green, Will Klaasen (18) spun himself letting Fort take up the early lead. Toon Vronik (2) started off well and stuck the bumper straight into Fred Hink (35). Bart Koopmans (38) in his yellow machine gave Fort a shove for the lead while Gosse Hoekstra (44) moved himself into third. An infield marker tyre was pushed out onto the track and finished over by the homestraight armco several laps later with no yellow flags being shown.

Ed Neachell 321, Toon Vronik 2 and Hermen Zwerver 195. Photo Colin Casserley

Chris Fort was going wide, with Koopmans very close to his back end. Ed Neachell, Jan van der Iest (26) and Fred Hink were racing as a small group, jostling for position while Louw Wobbes (22) and Wierd Gietema (76) were coming out of the bends together as one. Koopmans moved into the lead and he, Fort and Bate Feenstra (74) swapped places out front for the lead. Feenstra gave Fort a shove to get passed and take second while Daniel Wainman bumpered Jeroen Wekema (21) aside but in doing so, let the lurking Ed Neachell through on the inside.

Emmen F1 stock cars Ed Neachell 321 and Ouwe Biljsma 3. Photo Colin Casserley

Fort moved up behind Feenstra before going on to retake the lead, but the two came to grief when they got hooked up together by the pitgate bend. Koopmans roared off into the distance, with his two main competitors out of the running, but then had Gosse Hoekstra on his tail. Hoekstra was unable to get by and then slowed himself with a halfspin into the turn three tyres. He managed to sort himself out and get himself pointing the right way before Hink had the chance to get near. Further down the field, Neachell and Wainman vied for position with Wainman getting the upper hand.
38 – 44 – 35 – 33 – 22 – 76 – 16 – 26 – 12 – 21

Twenty two cars came out for heat two including the UK’s Scott Davids (462) and Geoff Nickolls (215). 2008 Points Champion Durk Greidanus (29) was back racing and using a front Hoosier and a rear Goodyear Eagle. Bauke Visser led the field away initially, but was quickly surpassed by Roelof van den Veen (90) in a Maris car. Ron Kroonder (217) cut through the field, passing Richard Talsma (64), before going to the infield with Jan Roelof Wijbenga (228). Out front Nickolls was jostling for the lead with Roelof van den Veen but Davids had cut through the field himself and was soon up on Nickolls, but with Nickolls greater experience of dutch dirt racing, he pulled away. Onno Pietersma (11) was then on Davids down the homestraight with Pietersma moving ahead until he spun, letting Davids back through.
90 – 215 – 462 – 399 – 172 – 29 – 217 – 84 – 92 – 540

F1 stock cars Geoff Nickolls 215 and Jan Roelof Wijbenga 228. Photo Colin Casserley

A slight shower during heat two became a heavy shower while the other formulae raced, making the track very slippy. Lots of grading took place before heat three which saw twenty three cars take to the track. Fort, from pole, got straight into the lead while behind, Koopmans and Koen Maris (61) were second and third. Will Klassen (18) spun on turn four with Jan van der Iest (26) completing the same manoeuvre in the same place, almost straight away. Koopmans barged past Fort while Hoekstra attacking Jan Roelof Wijbenga.

BriSCA F1 stock cars Daniel Wainman 212 and James Neachell (322). Photo Colin Casserley

Job Hondred (540) completed a half spin while Evert van den Burg (12) navigated his way through a pack of cars. Upfront, Hink bumpered Fort, sending him wide and out to connect with Feite Visser (23) while Ed Neachell ended his race perched atop a marker tyre on the infield between turns three and four. Hink reeled in Koopmans, got clear and worked his way purposefully through the back markers. Jan Roelof Wijbenga and Hondred got hooked up together on one and two while Visser and Hoekstra jostled with each other with Hoestra coming out ahead.
35 – 3- 38 – 217 – 353 – 322 – 212 – 84 – 44 – 3 – 26

Heat 4 saw Bauke Visser (502) take the initial lead with Arjen Bouwe Hiddinga (17) in the ex-Ed Neachell car spinning out, letting the rest of the field pass. BriSCA tenth place World Finalist Arno van Zwieten (414), Richard Talsma and Roelof van den Veen were jostling together while Greidanus pushed past Louw Wobbes. Jacob Lootsma (147) moved into the lead while Toon Vronik’s son Rian (102) found himself in a precarious position down on turn one. All the red tops were fighting amongst themselves, pushing Scott Davids out wide. Onno Pietersma went sideways on turn one and we saw the first yellows of the day with Talsma stationary up against the turn one armco. Restart order: 147, 195, 475, 33, 2, 399, 22, 74, 215, 29, 462, 414, 541, 502, 5

Emmen F1 stock cars Louw Wobbes 22 and Bate Feenstra 74. Photo Colin Casserley

Scott Davids pulled off at the restart and Hiddinga was given a tractor push so he could restart his car and retire properly from his turn four infield position. At the start, Toon Vronik was pushed wide by Ron Verkerk (172) and second place Harmen Zwerver (195) was on Lootsma with Lootsma going wide, letting Zwerver through in the ex-Dean Whitwell shale car. Greidanus was forcing his way back through the field, battling with Wobbes again. Vronik pushed on into third place while Jessy de Bruijn (399) tacked Vronik with Vronik getting back in the race to forcefully take his place back as de Bruijn span out. Vronik then set his sights on Verkerk, barging him aside with the two jostling and swapping positions wihile a lurking Wobbes edged closer, getting up on Vronik’s rear bumper. Wobbes took the place, getting a shove back from Vronik until de Bruijn put Vronik back under pressure. Lootsma who had been going well, spun himself to the infield on the last bend, before getting back in the race to get a place.
195 – 74 – 172 – 22 – 2 – 215 – 414 – 33 – 541 – 147

Heat five saw Jacob Lootsma and Bauke Visser coming out of the first bend together with Lootsma just getting the edge before Chris Fort took over and sped off into the distance, taking a wide line and getting the back end out but keeping clear of the field. Arjen Bouwe Hiddinga gave Hink a punt, initially sending him sideways but Hink got himself quickly back in the race. Hink then motored on through the field to take Will Klassen’s place with Klassen hitting him back while Durk Greidanus lurked behind, letting bumper merchant Hink clear the way. By this point, Fort was the length of the straight ahead of second place Geoff Nickolls who was unable to close the gap as the laps ran down. Greidanus stuck like glue to Hink, successfully bypassing him at the end to take his hard worked for position.
3 – 215 – 399 – 147 – 29 – 35 – 33 – 64 – 16 – 8

Emmen F1 stock cars Fred Hink 35 and Scott Davids 462. Photo Colin Casserley

The final heat saw Will Klaasen take the lead with a fast paced Ouwe Bijlsma (3) meaning business and flying onwards before spinning himself out and dropping to the rear. Toon Vronik and Roelof van den Veen were tustling before Wijbenga gave Vronik a nudge to pass. Koen Maris took up the running with Herman Zwerver in second until Wijbenga got involved. James Neachell had slid through the field and was breathing down Wijbenga’s neck and giving him the bumper to take his place. Ron Kroonder was now on Neachell’s tail, sending him wide and taking second for himself but was unable to reel in Maris who all race had set about creating space between him and the rest of the field.
61 – 217 – 322 – 212 – 3 – 74 – 16 – 76 – 195 – 33

Emmen F1 stock cars James Neachell 322 and Ron Kroonder 217. Photo Colin Casserley

Twenty nine cars came out for the Golden Helmet with only Bart Koopmans (38) being missing from the action creating a small space on the grid. Ron Kroonder initially tore into the lead with a big pile up of cars occurring on the homestraight as Geoff Nickolls on being slow to start, had bunched up the rest of the field and those behind him had all piled in including Mark Woudenberg (84), Evert van den Berg (12), Richard Talsma (64), Bate Feenstra (74) and Siem du Porto (33). The yellows came out for the collision just as Hink took the lead going into turn three. A complete restart was called for with Louw Wobbes retiring to the infield. At the green, Fred Hink stormed into the lead as Remco de Buck (92) dropped to the rear and Kroonder went in on Hink but failed to pass. Fort had moved into third as Gosse Hoekstra got himself all out of shape coming out of turn four. Jessy de Bruijn halfspun as Kroonder again went in for a hit on Hink with his nerf being broken up. Fort sped upto Kroonder’s rear as Hink entered the backmarkers.

Emmen Golden Helmet F1 stock cars Fred Hink 35 and Ron Kroonder 217. Photo Colin Casserley

Wierd Gietema (76) and Bate Feenstra (74) were jostling for position as Hink thumped lap down Bert Hondred (541), not in the mood to let anybody hold him up. Daniel Wainman had put in a stunning drive and was up on Chris Fort and the two battled hard as Hink continued his own furious battle with Kroonder. Hink was passed by Kroonder, with Hink getting the inside line and nipping back into the lead. Geoff Nickolls pulled off and not long after, Wijbenga lost a tyre with a big bang. Hink manoevered himself to pass Jeroen Wekema so Wekema was between himself and Kroonder. Kroonder soon overhauled Wekema but there was not enough time for Kroonder to reel Hink in before the flag while Daniel Wainman got ther better of Fort to get himself on the podium. Fred Hink, went straight into doing doughnuts like when he won the previous month’s Dutch Open at St Maarten.
35 – 217 – 212 – 3 – 74 – 16 – 76 – 195 – 33 – 21 – 172 – 92

Dutch Open and Golden Helmet winner F1 stock car Fred Hink 35 in Martijn de Veij's car. Photo Colin Casserley

All in all an excellent day’s racing with an everchanging track leading to an element of unpredictability. The very fact that the Dutch manage to create new tracks in light of severe noise restrictions is to be commended and fully supported.

Ailsa Haigh

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