Emmen – April 2nd 2011 Meeting Report

After the meeting at Emmen 2th April the stockcar 2011 season has also started in Holland. With some changes over the winter like the BVSR, one rulebook for all promoters and many new cars, new car owners and rebuilt stockcars. The booking list showed already that there were many drivers that couldn’t get their car finished before the first race of the season.

With 41 booked in, only 35 came out on track with a few cars in the pits. The heats got split into 6 (3 per driver), which gave 15-20 cars in each heat. Where maybe a 3/5 format would have been better there was still good racing on the track. The track was very good for this meeting, but what do you expect when the weather is so helpful in the last weeks.

For the first heat there came 17 F1’s on track. In the first corner H444 Robert Braaksma tried to pass H11 Onno Pietersma in the first lap but both ended in a spin which H399 Jessy de Bruijn couldn’t avoid. At the front H502 Bauke Visser took the lead for a few laps until H27 Rutger Valk was able to take it for 1 lap. Where Valk went too wide in corner 3/4 H353 Jouke Stapert could take the lead and keep it secure until the finish. Half way into the race Visser got a flat tyre, leaving the third place for H12 Evert van der Berg. De Bruijn made a impressive comeback to a 4th place.

five wide out of the corner. Photo Jeroen Pieters

Rutger Valk going wide leaving the lead for Jouke Stapert. Photo Jeroen Pieters.

For the second heat there came 16 cars on track. In the first corner H90 Roelof van der Veen took the lead. From the rest of the field there where only 2 drivers able to keep up with van der Veen. H332 Nathalie Wekema could keep up but not close the gap and H217 Ron Kroonder seemed to be on fire with his refurbished car. 3 laps before the end Kroonder took the first place and kept it until the finish. Behind him van der Veen and Wekema closed the top three.

In the third heat Rutger Valk climbed over H527 Kobus Dijkstra’s front end, leaving him to start from the back. For the first 5 laps the lead was for H157 Jacob Lootsma and H88 Willem-Hein de Haan. Meanwhile H44 Gosse Hoekstra and Stapert worked themselves to the leaders. Hoekstra took the lead with Stapert having a bit more work to pass Lootsma and de Haan. When he managed to pass him Hoekstra was already gone. Behind Stapert H55 Peter Ruig and Pietersma battled for the third place.

Bonnet damage for Kobus Dijkstra. Photo Jeroen Pieters

Roelof van der Veen took the lead in the 4th heat and seemed to bring it home with H61 Koen Maris close behind. While passing H232 Hein Damstra it went wrong for Damstra and he rolled after some light contact with both van der Veen and Maris. The restart made a end of the gap van der Veen had on Kroonder. Van der Veen couldn’t hold Kroonder behind for long, especially when he got a punctured tyre. Leaving the win for Ron Kroonder with Pieter van der Iest close behind.

Hein Damstra tested a new model aerofoil after his rollover. Photo Jeroen Pieters

In the 5th heat Rutger Valk took the lead in lap 1 and kept it until the finish. The second place was for the complete race for H267 Arie Kandt. But there were battles on track with 5 drivers in the race for third. Jessy de Bruijn held the position in the end. Followed by H195 Harmen Zwerver and H33 Siem Pieter du Porto.

Maris saw his battle for second end tangled with Onno Pietersma. Photo Jeroen Pieters

In the final heat it was again Bauke Visser who took the lead and because of the battle behind he could get a gap and take the win. It was a long time that H228 Jan Roelof Wijbenga held the second place but 3 laps before the end he span. Nathalie Wekema chose the right side in avoiding and drove to the second place. Roelof van der Veen decided on the inside but ended in the tyres. Wijbenga managed to get back to the 5th place behind Pieter van der Iest and Jouke Stapert.

In the final it was again Rutger Valk who took the lead and didn’t give it away. Behind him it was for the first half of the race Nathalie Wekema in second but a tyre puncture ended her race. Bauke Visser took the second spot but span in the end leaving the second place for Peter Ruig. Jan Roelof Wijbenga completed the top three. The superstars fought their way to the front but ended on 4th and 5th.

Rutger Valk won a heat and the final from start to finish. Photo Jeroen Pieters

Kroonder and de Bruijn ended just outside the top 3. Photo Jeroen Pieters

For the next meeting at Emmen, the number of completed cars will be increased but how many will be there that day can only time tell.

Below are some pictures of New cars, New Paint, New drivers from the other side of the water.

Kobus Dijkstra (H527) in the ex-Jon Clare (294) F1 stockcar.

Kobus Dijkstra (H527). Photo Jeroen Pieters

Hein Damstra (H232) is a new F1 stockcar driver and the signs give the Bauke Visser (H502) stockcar a completely new look.

Hein Damstra (H232) and Bauke Visser (H502). Photo Jeroen Pieters

A new F1 stockcar for Wim Boere (H59).

Wim Boere (H59). Photo Jeroen Pieters

Back to the roots for Ron Kroonder (H217).

Back to the roots for Ron Kroonder (H217). Photo Jeroen Pieters

A new car for Albert Sikkema (H215).

Albert Sikkema (H215). Photo Jeroen Pieters

Marco Falkena (H151) in the ex van der Iest car.

Marco Falkena (H151). Photo Jeroen Peters

A new look for John van ‘t Veer (H16).

A new look for John van't Veer (H16). Photo Jeroen Pieters

Koen Maris (H61) out in the Henk Maris (H60) car.

Koen Maris (H61) out in the Henk Maris (H60) car. Photo Jeroen Pieters

A slightly different look for Peter Ruig (H55).

Peter Ruig (H55) in the pits. Photo Jeroen Pieters

Jeroen Pieters

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