Cowdenbeath – June 14th 2009 Meeting Report

Timmy Aldridge rides the wall at Cowdie. Photo Colin Casserley

Timmy Aldridge rides the wall at Cowdie. Photo Colin Casserley


Fifteen cars took to the track for heat 1 of the two thirds race format, on a warm afternoon in Scotland. Adam Slater (214) was the solo white grade at the front. Ricky Wilson (502) was the first of the days F1 drivers to visit the ‘wall’ making contact on the opening lap before getting back on track and racing side-by-side with Peter Kaulbarsch (411) down the back straight. Lee Fairhurst (217) began attacking the leading yellow graders; first getting on the back bumper and passing Colin Nairn (280), then Ian Venables (60) to secure third place and began chasing down Peter Kaulbarsch (411). Adam Slater was keeping it steady out front, while behind in the pack John Lund (53), Daniel Wainman (212) and Ricky Wilson were all fighting for the same piece of track and coming three-abreast out of the exit of turn four. Stuart Smith (390) moved into fifth place following a successful attack on Ian Venables, then fourth spot after passing Michael Scriven (12) just as Lee Fairhurst moved in second place. Stuart Chased down Peter Kaulbarsch and got up the inside going into turn one, forcing Peter wide and allowing Scriven to steal a place behind. Meanwhile Andy Ford (13) was really struggling with his car set up and was smoking his outside rear tyre as Andy Smith was making his was way though the field to get in the top five as the half way point was reached. Lee Fairhurst began to close the gap on race leader Adam Slater, with Stuart Smith on Lee’s back bumper the whole time. With about five laps to go Stuart launched his attack on Fairhurst going into turn three, sending the 217 car off into the wall. Stuart powered up behind race leader white grader Adam Slater who sensibly gave the quicker car the inside line and tucked in behind to take a well deserved second place.
Result 390 – 214 – 12 – 391 – 411 – 53 – 41 – 462 – 60 – 212


As the cars started rolling onto track for heat two so did the drizzle which came rolling in on the wind. The only white grader to take the field was Robin Newson who opted for the safer option of starting at the rear. Timmy Aldridge (257) and Ian Venables were the two and only leading yellow grades. Timmy Aldridge took the lead while behind in the reds, Mark Gilbank (21) fired Scott Davids (462) into the wall on turns one and two on the second lap. Paul Harrison (2) moved Andy Smith (391) on turn one, sending the 391 car off brushing against the wall while ahead Frankie Wainman jnr (515) and Lee Robinson (107) were nose to tail, with Lee constantly trying to move FWJ off the racing line. These two battling cars soon picked up Andy Ford and Mark Gilbank, with all four cars nose to tail in a train going down the home straight. Lee launched his attack on FWJ as FWJ launched his own attack on Gilbank, resulting in Andy Ford hitting the wall hard going into two courtesy of Gilbank who then was the first F1 driver to ‘ride-the-wall’ along turn one with Lee getting in front of FWJ. Up on turn three Peter Kaulbarsch was also in the wall with yellows being required. Restart order 257 – 60 – 153 – 16 – 107 – 515 – 2 – 391.
On restarting, Lee Robinson attacked Matt Newson (16), moving him wide and allowing FWJ to nip in behind. James Lund (153) went into turn three far too fast almost fully spinning but was able to save it and continued without losing a place, forcing the following cars to brake hard and swerve to avoid, with Newson getting the jump on FWJ. FWJ then launched his own attack on Newson sending the 16 car into the rear of Lee Robinson and dispatching the 107 car into the wall. Newson suffered a puncture from the move and retired from the race. Ahead, James Lund began to apply pressure on race leader Aldridge, getting up the inside to take the lead. As the race was drawing to a close the top three were evenly spaced, with Paul Harrison skilfully defending his back bumper and position from the 391 car.
Result 153 – 257 – 515 – 2 – 391 – 459 – 41 – 60 – 26 – nof


Heat 3 saw the return of the sun and also the return of Lee Robinson and FWJ, along with the first appearance of the afternoon for Dave Willis (337); sixteen cars gridded up. Adam Slater led the field; Mat Newson (16) quickly launching his attack on the blue graders with Dave Willis being the car under attack. Mat forced his way up the inside going into turn one, pushing the 337 wide which in turn sent Scott Davids (462) crashing into the wall. On the next lap James Lund (153) attacked Ricky Wilson (502) going into one, firing Ricky into the wall meaning yellows were required.
Restart Order 214 – 257 – 16 – 153 – 390 – 21 – 2 – 515- 107 – 53
When the green dropped on the restart, Newson wasted no time in attacking Aldridge and getting second place. James Lund appeared to have damaged car set up and dropped way down the order from the off. Up front, Newson quickly chased down race leader Slater, who again conceded the racing line to the faster car but was unable to immediately tuck in behind allowing Stuart Smith to nick the second place. FWJ found Lee Robinson once again on his back bumper who launched an unsuccessful attack on the 515 car, then another attack down the home straight. Racing order 16 – 390 – 21 – 515 – 107 – 2. Robinson launched another attack on the back of the 515 car going into the turn, this time sending the 515 car up the wall only for Paul Harrison to nick in front of the 107 car. FWJ retired from race with rear-outside puncture following the attack.
Meanwhile Lee Fairhurst was battling against fellow blue grade Michael Scriven for racing position. As the race drew to a close, Paul Harrison attacked Robinson who had once again taken fourth place from Harrison; which sent both cars wide to the wall. Both cars got straight back out and Robinson was able to keep fourth place. Stuart Smith was able to force race leader Newson wide, and Gilbank was able to nip past for second place.
Result 390 – 21 – 16 – 107 – 2 – 53 – 12 – 217 – 257 – 212


With the sun continuing to shine, eighteen cars formed the grid for the meeting final; one white, two yellows, four blues, four reds and six superstars with red grade Lee Dimmick (459) starting at the very back.
Everyone completed the first lap without incident, Ian Venables attacked leader Adam Slater going into turn one on the following lap sending both cars crashing into the wall with Venables able to power away to take the lead. Stu Smith, FWJ and Lee Robinson were all bumper to bumper on a high speed journey towards the front. Scott Davids (462) made contact with the rear of James Lund (153) going into turn one, sending the 153 car up to ride-the-wall before rolling onto its side with the yellow flags being shown at once.
Re-start order 60 – 12 – 257 – 217 – 391 – 16 – 390 – 53 – 515 – 2
Lee Fairhurst got away to a good restart and was straight onto the rear bumper of Aldridge, passing him then getting past Michael Scriven for second place. Andy Smith kept close to the rear of Fairhurst and was able to follow him though before attacking the inside line and taking second place from Fairhurst. Once moved off the racing line, the train of following cars muscled their way past the wide 217 car. Race leader Venables was soon under attack from Andy Smith who sent the 60 car off brushing the wall in turn one. SSJ attacked second place Venables going into three, moving him wide with 515 nicking in. Further back, Gilbank and Aldridge were engaging in a high speed battle.
As the race moved into the second half, Andy Smith had pulled a four-car-gap between himself and younger brother Stuart in second. Paul Harrison successfully moved Matt Newson in turns three / four while Timmy Aldridge got to ride-the-wall for his second time down on one and two thanks to John Lund (53). The remainder of the race was an evenly spaced high speed affair with Andy Smith winning unchallenged.
Result 391 – 390 – 515 – 2 – 16 – 21 – 12 – 53 – 217 – 60


Andy Smith took the lap handicap as fourteen cars gridded for the last race of 2009 Scottish Weekend. Timmy Aldridge (257) was the only yellow, with three blues graders (41, 217 and 337) behind along with four reds and five superstars.
Matt Newson attacked Scott Davids going into three to become the leading red grade while Robinson muscled his way past Mark Gilbank. FWJ dealt with the Davids car by dispatching it into the wall. Upfront Fairhurst had caught race leader Aldridge with Fairhurst landing a solid attack onto the rear of Aldridge, sending him off into the wall. FWJ had managed to catch the leader of the reds Newson, and moved him wide on the exit of two for fourth place with the racing order being 217 – 337 – 41 -515 – 390 – 107 – 21. Lee Fairhurst was able to use the clean air to extend his lead on Dave Willis. FWJ began to reel in and pass Robert Broome (41) and then forced Willis wide, allowing the red-top-train to keep Willis wide and down the order. Fairhurst had managed to open up a five-car-gap between him and second place FWJ. Meanwhile Andy Smith from taking the lap handicap had started to move into a scoring position, first moving John Lund on three and four and then chasing down Willis and passing him on the inside going into one. On the last lap, coming out of four Gilbank overpowered, spinning towards the infield marker tyre in a cloud of smoke and going from an unchallenged fourth place to twelfth.
Result 217 – 515 – 390 – 107 – 16 – 2 -212 -391 – 337 – 53


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