Coventry – September 3rd 2010 Meeting Report

The Friday night World Final warm up for the Oversea’s competitors saw thirty cars nestled nicely in the bottom pits. Of the World Finalists, all eight Dutch qualifiers were present alongside New Zealander Scott Joblin.

F1 Stock car Scott Joblin (NZ52). Photo Paul Tully

It was a time to practice and get final set ups for the Finalists and the all important track time before the time trials on Saturday. Not present were the Antipodean New Zealand Palmerston North duo of Scott Miers (nz8) and Peter Bengston (nz58) and Australian Marty Wilkinson (Aus 35). Wilkinson and Bengston had both had some shale practice on Bank Holiday Monday at Belle Vue.

F1 Stock car Gold Cup winner Gary Castell (h247). Photo Paul Tully

The three Dutch tarmac qualifiers were present; Gary Castell (h247) wearing his Gold Cup Gold roof, Louw Wobbes (h22) in his dirt car and Dave Schaap (h007) in Ron Kroonder’s shale car. The Dutch dirt World Finalists were also all present and correct and went out to enjoy themselves before the ‘Big One’.

The Dutch racers, used to being incredibly organised started to line themselves up for their first heat before the f2s started the preceeding race. Twenty-nine cars came onto track with only Bouwe-Arjan Hiddinga (h17) being absent in the ex-Ed Neachell shale car.

F1 stockcars Koen Maris (h61) and Evert van den Berg (h12). Photo Paul Tully

The front row consisted of Gerrit Zwerver (h19) and Henk Maris (h60) with Arie Kandt (h267) and World 240s Champion Scott Joblin (nz52) just behind. At the green, Zwerver got the drop on Maris but Maris soon came back into contention to take the lead. Joblin had surged forward and was level with Maris and although Maris tried to hold him off, Joblin was soon leading. A position he was not to relinquish until the chequered flag, having looked quick the whole race, weaving his way through traffic. Ironically enough, when Joblin was racing and after the chequered flag, the electronic scoreboard said only one number ~ 515.

Martijn Oudhuis (h477), Richard Talsma (h64) and Johan Catsburg (h99). Photo Paul Tully

F1 Stock cars Pablo Brandenberg (h51) and Bas Stolk (h840). Photo Colin Casserley

John de Buck (h93), Jan Roelof Wijbenga (h228) and Gosse Hoekstra (h44). Photo Colin Casserley

For heat two the floodlights came on, making the cars look faster. Henk Maris and Rutger Valk (h27) made up the front row, with again Arie Kandt and Scott Joblin behind. Joblin got straight into Henk Maris and onto the lead with yellow flags eventually coming out for a stranded Koen Maris (h61) on turn one. Restart order: nz52 – h60 – h414 – h27 – h477 – h267 – h32 – t12 – h228. At the off, World Finalist Pieter Dogger (t12) from Texel stuck the bumper in on last year’s Dutch Open Champion Axel Nijs (h32) but despite the jostling, Scott Joblin (NZ52) went on to take another victory in a car that seemed to be exceptionally well set up and able to deal with going into and coming out of the bends in a superior fashion. Experienced dirt racer Ouwe Bijlsma (h3) came to grief when he t-boned tarmac racer Dave Schaap (h007) and had to be tractored back to the pits.

F1 Stock car Ouwe Bijlsma (h3). Photo Colin Casserley

The all in Final was the third warm up race with Joblin getting out of shape on the first bend, slowing him momentarily. Pieter Dogger initially took up the lead until Henk Maris surpassed him and Jan Roelof Wijbenga (h228) moved into second, relegating Dogger to third. Maris was taking a wide line into the bends until he half span, letting both Martijn Oudhuis (h477) and Dogger through.

F1 stock car Richard Talsma (h64) followed by Arno van Zwieten (h414). Photo Colin Casserley

Further back Scott Joblin was initially unsuccesful in trying to pass Richard Talsma (64) while Evert Van Den Burg (h12) gave Fred Hink (h35) some attention. The yellow flags came out for Gosse Hoekstra (h44) who was stuck in the turn one armco after a collision, when the other cars moved off. Restart order: h477 – t12 – h19 – h267 – nz52….

F1 stock cars of Scott Joblin (nz52) and Pablo Brandenburg (h51). Photo Colin Casserley

At the restart, Joblin got straight into Kandt, while behind him Dutch Open 2010 pole sitter Pablo Brandenburg (h51) got into Joblin. Joblin cut ahead and was soon up on Dogger, getting in front of him and being pushed out wide when Brandenburg gave him a touch. Out front, Oudhuis went on to take the win, doing doughnuts in celebration.

F1 stock car Coventry Overseas Final Winner Martijn Oudhuis (h477). Photo Colin Casserley

Twenty cars came out for the Grand National with Scott Joblin starting at the rear of the field. At the green, Talsma gave Henk Maris a nudge while Johan Catsburg (h99) span on turn one. Sjaak Kentie (h179) who had gone well all night moved upto fourth as Talsma dropped down the order. Pieter Dogger took up the running as Fred Hink (h35) worked his way through the field with purpose, getting the bumper off Louw Wobbes (h22). Kentie fancying a win himself gave Dogger a nice hit to take the lead and started putting distance between himself and the rest of the field.

F1 Stock cars of Louw Wobbes (h22) and Fred Hink (h35) do battle. Photo Colin Casserley

F1 stock car red grades Scott Joblin (nz52) Fed Hink (h35) and Sjaak Kentie (h179). Photo Paul Tully

Gary Castell (h247) pulled to the infield but did not initially stop, but kept going round on the tarmac. Dogger gave Axel Nijs (h32) a hit before going neck and neck with Louw Wobbes (h22) giving Wobbes another hit on the last lap. Kentie went onto take a clear victory with Nijs behind and Wobbes and Dogger vying for position. Joblin ended his race when he was T-Boned by Dave Schaap (h007) and pulled off straight away, being tractored back into the pits. The best race of the night was saved till last and it was great to see some of the Overseas drivers over here and having some fun.

F1 Stock car Coventry GN winner Sjaak Kentie (h179). Photo Colin Casserley

Results can be found HERE

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