Coventry – October 6th 2012 Meeting Report

The first Saturday of the month saw the popular pilgrimage to Coventry for an evening of stock car entertainment. World Champion Lee Fairhurst now racing under number 1 completed a parade lap to show off his new gold roof and the World Championship trophy. Lee then raced the Luke Davidson 464 shale car during the meeting.

World Champion Lee Fairhurst 1 on a pre-meeting parade lap. Photo Colin Casserley

World Champion Lee Fairhurst 1 in action. Photo Colin Casserley

The Annual Charities Ladies Race was first on the cards with Kay Fitton taking the win in the Simon Black 59 car from Lucy Nott 214 and Kay Blackburn 337. Sharon Harris 84 looked like she would have something for Fitton in the latter stages but a spin on the pitgate bend put her out of action.

the Ladies race winner Kay Fitton with Lucy Nott and Kay Blackburn. Photo Steve Botham

The Whites and Yellow race is not a race to be missed and as usual lived up to expectations. Jason Eaton 448 led the early laps until overhauled by Steve Malkin Jnr 308 but a bout of yellows for Colin Nairn 280 who had broadsided Steve Smith 40 meant Malkin Jnr had the quick Chris Bonner 105 on his tail and it was not long before Bonner made his move and became the point man. Second place man Dave Willis 337 was unable to capitalise after another bout of yellows for the spinning Malkin Jnr with Bonner speeding on to take the flag.

Aaron Cozens 475 and Steve Malkin jnr 308. Photo Colin Casserley

Heat 2 saw Mick Sworder 150 take a comandeering role while John Lund 53 moved smoothly up the order. Blue graders Joe Booth 446 and Geoff Nickolls 215 vied for position but Sworder was not settling for anything less than a twelve point Heat win. A great battle ensued with Lund and Sworder becoming reacquainted from last month’s Coventry which saw Lund fire Sworder to the fence, with Joe Booth 446 also getting involved in the action. Unfortunately, Lund was unable to get back near Sworder in the latter stages due to a tyre rub.

John Lund 53 and Mick Sworder 150. Photo Steve Botham

John Lund 53, Joe Booth 446 and Mick Sworder 150 fight it out. Photo Colin Casserley

Heat 3 saw Craig Finnikin 55 moving purposefully up the order in the early stages as was Murray Harrison 97 who fired Ben Hurdman 207 to the fence. The yellows were shown for a hooked up Colin Nairn 280 and Craig Aston 404 with leader Tim Farrell 467 releading at the green but he had Murray lurking in third, and he soon took up the running out front. Finnikin and a revitalised Dan Johnson 4 exchanged hits, swapping places while Tom Harris 84 and Frankie Wainman Jnr 515 adapted a similar attitude to the race. Finnikin did just enough in the latter stages to take Johnson’s place but Tom Harris ran out of time after moving through into second and was unable to prevent Murray Harrison from taking the win.

Heat 3 winner Murray Harrison 97. Photo Colin Casserley

The Consolation saw lower grader Graeme Robson 267 take up the running until Joe Booth stormed into the lead after dueling with Ryan Harrison 197. Daniel Wainman 212 span Booth out to the fence in the latter stages with Booth cutting to the infield a lap later in front of the passing leaders Matt Newson 16 and Daniel Wainman 212. Daniel Wainman 212 went on to add another Consolation win to his tally. Budget driver Adam Slater 214 from blue had a noticeably good run, keeping pace with Ryan Harrison in the laps leading to the flag.

Daniel Wainman 212 and Matt Newson 16 battle for the lead in the Consolation. Photo Steve Botham

the Final line up. Photo Steve Botham

The final saw all twelve Shootout drivers qualify and line up and the back of the field, with Frankie Wainman Jnr getting off to a poor start spinning to the infield. The superstars concentrated on knocking lumps out of each other with Mal Brown 34 moving into an early lead. Mick Sworder managed to emerge unscathed and was soon making his presence felt, firing Les Spencer 98 out into Mark Woodhull 335 who clattered the fence. Sworder vyed with leader Brown with the duo scrapping for the lead until Brown was pushed out wide towards the parked up Ed Neachell 321. Brown ended Sworder’s buoyant mood, speeding up the homestraight in second place, into the pitgate bend nonchalantly charging in, taking Sworder and himself to the fence.

Mick Sworder 150 meets Mal Brown 34. Photo Colin Casserley

Mick Sworder 150 meets Mal Brown 34. Photo Steve Botham

Mick Sworder 150 meets Mal Brown 34. Photo Colin Casserley

Dan Johnson 4 reled the field away from Paul Harrison 2 and Matt Newson 16 until Harrison retired to the infield. Further back, Finnikin charged heavily into Lund, Daniel Wainman and Paul Hines 259, shovelling them in going on to take fifth. Upfront, Dan Johnson 4 showed a clear return to Coventry form, taking the flag from a motivated Matt Newson 16, another driver showing a return to good fortune.

Dan Johnson 4 on his way to victory. Photo Colin Casserley

the Final top three of Dan Johnson , Matt Newson and Tom Harris. Photo Steve Botham

The Grand National saw the reappearance of both Mal Brown and Mick Sworder but there was no retribution from Sworder as he concentrated on increasing his points tally. Murray Harrison moved into the lead but had Sworder and Lund chasing him down. Lund neatly dealt with Sworder before moving on to take the lead from Murray Harrison much to the crowd’s delight. Dan Johnson benefited from his lap handicap, neatly manoeuvring himself into second and leaping up the Shootout table with a superb sixty-two points haul.

John Lund 53 had the green machine on song. Photo Steve Botham

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