Coventry – October 16th 2010 Meeting Report

The second WQR round of 2010 for the 2011 season, took place at the second Coventry meeting of October thanks to a necessary rescheduling of a Belle Vue meeting. New British Championship 2010 winner Paul Hines (259) has given his shale car a smart new British Champion look with black metalwork to go alongside the proud black and white chequers, with even the exhaust pipes being painted white to fit in with the colour scheme. Photos of the shale car can be found HERE.

BriSCA F1 stock car of Danny Ford 138. Photo Colin Casserley

Daniel Ford (138) was making his F1 debut from blue and completed his mandatory five laps, quickly getting to grips with the power of father Andy Ford’s (13) car after the f2. Of the Shootout competitors, only Luke Davidson (464) and Tom Harris (84) were absent but there was a reappearance for both Dave Russo (49) and Ian Brickley (246) neither of whom have raced since 2009.

BriSCA F1 stock car of Dave Russo 49 in action at Coventry. Photo Colin Casserley

Paul Hines commenced the meeting with a well received parade lap, stating his happiness at winning his second major Championship since the European 2005.

BriSCA F1 British Champion 2010 Paul Hines (259). Photo Paul Tully

Shortly afterwards the first heat came out, with the traditional WQR race format being used as specified in the rulebook so there was no opportunity for the lower graders to compete in more than one heat. Twenty two cars took to the track including a reappearance for Rob Scriven (117) in the old Antony / Howard Davis (327) car. Rob Farrell (470) shot off into the lead, swiftly tailed by last Coventy heat winner Richard Regan (428).

BriSCA F1 stock car Rob Farrell 470. Photo Colin Casserley

Tony Smith (91) on starting at the back, momentarily held up Paul Hines as Andy Smith (1) got snagged on Neil Shenton (35), allowing Matt Newson (16) within striking distance. Matt went in with the bumper, initially failing to pass but being successful on the next bend. Chris Bonner (105) was in a particularly aggressive mood, striking Andy Smith (1) before moving on up the field.

BriSCA F1 stock cars Chris Bonner 105 Mark Poole 276 and Andy Smith 1. Photo Colin Casserley

Meanwhile, up ahead Ian Noden (306) was making swift, sharp progress towards the front. Rob Farrell had pulled onto the infield, allowing Regan, who has been improving with every outing in the ex-Ryan Harrison (197) car to take up the running. Matt Newson, seemingly on a mission, charged past his other competitors, sticking the bumper into Les Spencer (98) while further back, Chris Bonner got stuck into Garry Townsend (223), allowing the lurking Scott Davids through. Bonner got straight back onto Davids’ tail, successfully pulling ahead on the next bend. Matt Newson who had been going so well and looked likely to be in with a shout for the win, ended his race when forced to pull off into the turn two armco. Andy Smith appeared to be having difficulty in dealing with Les Spencer; being unable to pass as Les was capably holding him off. Spencer’s race then ended prematurely when he tangled with Garry Townsend and both ended sticking out of the armco at the exit of turn two. Townsend then came out of the fence, clipping the side of leader Regan as he came by, slowing him up, but not enough for second place Noden to take advantage.
428 – 306 – 1 – 462 – 105 – 259 – 335 – 35 – 223 – 117

BriSCA F1 stock car Heat winner Richard Regan 428. Photo Paul Tully

The second heat came out next, with a rare shale appearance for Ivan Pritchard (434) in the car Dylan Williams Maynard (51) had used at Coventry a fortnight ago. Ivan had a mechanic messing with his front end, possibly fitting a transponder to the car before the commencement of the rolling lap. At the green, as they roared up the homestraight, Dave Willis (337) dropped wide as blue grader Neil Scriven (11) in the midst of the blues got a little out of shape, tangling with the pushing blue grade pack and lone red top Ivan Pritchard, as the Shootout quartet of Danny Wainman (212), Paul Harrison (2), Dan Johnson (4) and Michael Scriven (12) all piled in at speed.

Pritchard was left with nowhere to go, got caught up with the Shootout drivers, lost control and then his wing as he flew into an airborne roll going into turn one. The red flags were immediately shown for a complete restart, with the cars sorting themselves out and getting back into position. At the green, Paul Harrison slowed and dropped to the rear of the field as the Blues set off again on their charge to the front. Danny Ford (138) in with the blues, went in on Mal Brown (34) but did not manage to make the bend, going straight on into the armco with force alongside Colin Nairn (280). Garry Fox (48) went in with the bumper himself on Barry Heath (343), putting him out just as the yellows came out for Nairn and Ford on the entrance to turn three. Restart order: 208, 49, 192, 34, 11, 291, 12, 343, 4, 48, 212, 76, 2, 252.

At the off, Barry Heath went in with the bumper on Michael Scriven, while just behind Garry Fox went in on Danny Wainman. All four pushed at speed into turn one with Scriven at the head of the train, being t-boned by Heath, with Heath being left languishing behind on the turn one bend while the others moved on. Dave Russo was challenging Steve Malkin snr for the lead down the backstraight but the two soon came to grief when they became ensnared, with Russo being stranded sideways on. Dan Squire (291) gratefully took up the running and set about creating distance, while just behind Paul Harrison, Wainman and Lee Smith (76) jostled for position with Harrison moving ahead.

BriSCA F1 stock car Dan Squire 291. Photo Colin Casserley

On a charge, Dan Johnson (4) overcame Neil Scriven (11) up the homestraight as Mal Brown then took up the challenge, bumpering Scriven aside. Paul Harrison, racing his way to the front, also had bypassed Neil Scriven by the halfway point as behind, Michael Scriven and Danny Wainman came round the bends side by side with Scriven sliding ahead. Dave Russo, having managed to untangle himself from Malkin, had begun to smoke and headed for the safety of the infield. Dan Johnson continued reeling in Dan Squire, moving lap down, back in the race, Malkin aside. Johnson went in on Squire on the last bend but Squire knew it was coming and although Johnson made contact, it was not enough to move Squire aside. Dan Squire then put the power down coming out of the bend to go on for the win.
291 – 4 – 2 – 34 – 11 – 12 – 212 – 76 – 192 – 208

BriSCA F1 Dan Johnson 4 attacks Dan Squire 291. Photo Paul Tully

Just over twenty cars came out for the third heat with Ian Brickley (246) having his first race since 2009 and starting at the rear of the field, alongside yellow grader Paul Spooner (104). At the green, Joe Booth (446) was forced out onto the infield with a bounce, before getting back into the race. Richard Bryan (238) took up the running, followed by the rest of the field with Joe Booth and James Neachell (322) getting severely hooked up together and pulling sharply to the infield in an attempt to free themselves from each other with it being touch and go whether or not they would go over. Back on track, Stu Smith jnr (390) laid into Steve Cayzer (380) with John Lund (53) following closely behind Smith, seemingly content to let Stu do the hard work.

Mickey Randall (172) gave Murray Harrison (97) a taste of his bumper as lap down James Morris (463) came out of the arrmco right in front of leader Richard Bryan. A cheer went up when Stu Smith jnr went in on Chris Brocksopp (338) and John Lund lent a crafty helping hand, sending both into the turn three armco. Richard Bryan relinquished his lead, dropping down the field and coming to a halt in the armco at the entrance to turn one where he remained for the rest of the race. The quick Mick Rogers (244) took up the running as Dave Waterhouse (101) did a quarter spin, taking Russell Cooper (415) with him to the infield. Frankie Wainman jnr (515) had zipped through the field himself and was tailing Lund as Murrray Harrison was putting Rogers under pressure. Harrison went in on Rogers, but Rogers held him off until Lund reeled in Harrison and swiftly bypassed him. Wainman jnr firstly overcame Mickey Randall before racing side by side up the homestraight with Murray Harrison, getting the drop on him going into the bend. John Lund was just too far back to make any impression on leader Rogers before the laps ran out and he took the chequered.
244 – 53 – 515 – 97 – 172 – 380 – 390 – 246 – 338 – 55

BriSCA F1 stock car John Lund 53 bypasses Murray Harrison 97. Photo Paul Tully

BriSCA F1s of Tim Warwick 307 and Rob Harrad 258 get into action in the Consolation. Photo Paul Tully

The Consolation was the next race up, with sole Shootout competitor Matt Newson lining up at the back, having suffered problems in his heat. Nigel Whalley got straight up to speed coming out the first bend, going round his fellow yellow tops on the outside. Dave Muckian (416) and Mark Poole (276) tangled with each other, clattering onto the infield at speed before getting themselves back in the race. Rob Harrad (258) had neatly moved into the lead while yellow grader Mike Williamson (111) stuck the bumper into Dave Willis (337).

BriSCA F1 stock cars Dave Muckian 416 and Mark Poole 276. tangle to the infield. Photo Paul Tully

Barry Heath took in a spin and with Dave Russo (49) being just behind, Russo clipped him as he came by. Tim Warwick (307) and Nigel Friswell (353) tangled together on turns one and two, getting stranded as the rest of the field dived above and below to avoid them. Nigel Whalley overcame Harrad and set about putting distance between himself and the following field. However, Matt Newson was also making his way to the front at a fast pace, cutting through the field.

Lap down Danny Ford (138) went wide, letting Newson through, as Newson continued setting about reeling Whalley in, while Mick Harris (8) and Dave Willis (337) were racing hard, exchanging hits in their own battle. Towards the end, Newson got within striking distance and bumpered Whalley aside to take the lead. Willis moved just ahead of Harris with Harris and Simon Panton (288) vying for position as Newson took the chequered flag.
16 – 198 – 337 – 8 – 288 – 322 – 321 – 258 – 48 – 215

BriSCA F1 stock car Consolation winner Matt Newson 16. Photo Colin Casserley

Thirty three cars came out for the Final including the ten Shootout drivers. At the green, Chris Brocksopp (338) went into a spin, with the rest of the blues piling in and Neil Scriven (11) and Mal Brown (34) getting hooked up together as the following red tops all piled in as well. Cars flew in all directions to avoid the carnage, sending up a massive dust cloud as cars cut over the infield in their haste to rejoin the race. Steve Malkin snr from pole, took up the running, being well clear of the chaos behind. Getting passed the track blockage, Craig Finnikin (55) got straight into Paul Harrison (2) as Andy Smith (1) slipped up the inside. John Lund (53) stuck the bumper into Lee Smith (76) as Michael Scriven (12) and Scott Davids (462) tangled and clattered into the turn one armco. In the fight for the front, cars piled into turn one, dropping themselves down the order as they struggled to rejoin.

Some of the BriSCA F1 Shooutout drivers get into the action in the Final. Photo Paul Tully

Nigel Whalley overcame Steve Malkin snr, with Mick Rogers bumpering Malkin to one side to take second and Stu Smith jnr (390) bumpering Ian Brickley aside. Frankie Wainman jnr (515) and John Lund were both flying to the front with force, bumpering cars aside and it was not long before Wainman jnr was up behind Malkin, dealing him a hit to move closer to the front. Just behind, Dan Johnson had been tracking Paul Hines and gave him the bumper before moving on as Mick Rogers bore down on leader Whalley, momentarily taking the lead before Whalley fought back and Rogers slid down the order.

Frankie Wainman jnr had charged through to the front and was now in second and well on top of Whalley, before going on to take the lead. Dan Johnson moved Simon Panton aside to take third, before passing Nigel Whalley to take second. Nigel Whalley’s good race met with an unfortunate end when he span out on turn four. Frankie Wainman jnr went on to clinch his 250th Final win in fine style after a determined drive, his first Final win since the beginning of April. Dan Johnson and John Lund took up the rest of the podium places after some stylish, aggressive driving.
515 – 4 – 53 – 1 – 259 – 288 – 55 – 335 – 390 – 212

Frankie Wainman jnr 515 wins his 250th Final. Photo Colin Casserley

BriSCA Final winners podium Frankie Wainman jnr 515, Dan Johnson 4 and John Lund 53. Photo Colin Casserley

Over thirty cars came out for the last race of the night with Frankie Wainman jnr taking his lap handicap and Dave Muckian (416) pulling off before the start. At the green, Rob Farrell (470) was on Wainman jnr as Barry Heath span, taking Chris Bonner (105) out with him. Steve Cayzer attacked Joe Booth (446) and soon after the yellows came out for a stranded Danny Wainman (212) who had lost a wheel on the top of the backstraight, with Danny walking dejectedly onto the infield. It was not bad news though for brother Frank, as it meant he tacked onto the end of the line, cutting his lap handicap right down.
Restart order: 470, 223, 337, 428, 353, 11 , 121, 34, 48, 446, 380, 138, 335, 462, 97, 172, 390, 53, 55, 12, 2, 1, 4, 259, 16, 91, 321, 343, 105, 515 with the cars spread nearly all the way around the track.

BriSCA F1s Dan Johnson 4, Andy Smith 1 and Paul Harrison 2. Photo Paul Tully

At the green, Wainman jnr bumpered Chris Bonner, as at the front; Dave Willis bumpered Garry Townsend (223) to take the lead with Townsend immediately had a go back but Willis successfully avoided his attempt. Dan Johnson was on Paul Harrison as Craig Finnikin gave Stu Smith jnr a hefty hit but did not manage to shift the 390 machine.

BriSCA F1 stock car Rochdale based brothers Stu (390) and Andy (1) Smith. Photo Paul Tully

Andy Smith was cutting through the field and was soon up on brother Stu, sliding passed on the inside. Matt Newson bumpered John Lund aside as Lund momentarily dropped back a few places and Dan Johnson laid into Craig Finnikin before quickly moving on. Paul Harrison was now right on the rear of Newson and Craig Finnikin made a move, sending Harrison crashing into Newson. Paul Harrison and Craig Finnikin vied for position, having a good little battle as John Lund bypassed the tyre testing Mark Woodhull (335). Frankie Wainman, in his battle for extra points, bumpered Paul Hines aside to make his way up the field. John Lund had gained ground on Matt Newson, going in with his bumper, with the two getting hooked up as more cars piled into the bend. Newson and Lund were forced to pull to the infield as they were completely ensnared at the front end, putting both of them out of the running.

BriSCA F1s Matt Newson 16 and John Lund 53 become ensnared. Photo Paul Tully

BriSCA F1 stock cars of Matt Newson 16 and John Lund 53 tangle in the GN. Photo Colin Casserley

Up front, Murray Harrison (97) took the lead but it was a shortlived affair as Dave Willis fired Joe Booth hard into Garry Townsend when he was already going in with his own bumper, sending Townsend crashing into Murray Harrison and sending Murray hard into the fence. As Booth and Willis sorted themselves out Andy Smith took advantage and moved slickly into second behind Booth. Dan Johnson went in with the bumper on Willis to take his place as Joe Booth’s lead was finished on the last bend when Smith moved him aside to take the win.
1 – 446 – 4 – 337 – 11 – 390 – 2 – 55 – 34 – 515

The BriSCA F1 stockcars had finished their fast and furious meeting so it was time for the Annual Charity F1 Ladies race. Vicky Whalley (198) shot off into the lead, quickly persued by Heidi Coleano (470) and it looked like Vicky or Heidi would win until she and Heidi came to grief on the backstraight, connecting with the Nigel Friswell (353) car which had come to a complete halt, half on the track, half on the infield. Sharon Harris (8) quickly moved herself into the lead and took the chequered flag once again with Sarah Notman driving well to take second using the Joe Booth car.
8 – 446 – 291 – 212 – 198 – 462 – 470 – 246 – 105 – 34

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