Coventry – December 27th 2011 Meeting Report

An out of season non-points scoring Christmas meeting blew a few off-season cobwebs and the left over turkey away. Just under forty cars took part with a return for Ian Higgins 29 and Garry Lenton 264 in the Nigel Harry 45 machine.

BriSCA F1 stock car driver Garry Lenton 264. Photo Colin Casserley

Heat one saw Russell Cooper 415 charge into the lead after pole sitter Craig Aston 440 faltered at the green. Bouwe Arjen Hiddinga H17 found himself under pressure from Ryan Harrison 197 as Danny Wainman 212 took his chances and barged ahead. Ian Noden 306 was ensconced within a charging pack as the yellows were shown for a stranded Aston who had spun and become stranded at the top of the homestraight. Cooper led them away but the rest of the field was tightly bunched up behind. Ryan Harrison found himself under pressure being sandwiched up the homestraight between Ian Noden 306 and local lad Steve Smith 40 with Noden getting it sideways down the backstraight letting Harrison through. Frankie Wainman jnr 515 was charging forwards through the field and Cooper soon relinquished his lead to the star man before being pressurised into third by Ryan. Harrison reeled in Wainman jnr, going in for a big hit on the last bend but being just slightly too far back to make it count, sliding head on into the fence while Wainman jnr charged to the chequered unimpeded.
515 – 415 – 197 – 306 – 212 – 40 – 104 – 241 – 428 – 264

BriSCA F1 Stock car driver Frankie Wainman jnr 515 on his way to the flag. Photo Colin Casserley

Dutch stock car driver Frits van Dis H392. Photo Colin Casserley

Heat two saw the first and sadly only appearance of Dutch f2 star Frits van Dis H392 and the long awaited return of Ian Higgins 29. John Weldon 235 shot into the lead and Garry Townsend 223 got stuck into Tim Farrell 467. Rob Harrod 258 was running well and soon challenging Weldon for the lead as Joe Booth 446 and Scott Davids 462 were both making sharp progress towards the front. Booth blasted Davids out into Weldon with Harrod taking up the running for a number of laps before Scott Davids pressured him into conceding his place at the front of the field.

BriSCA F1 stock car driver Ian Higgins 29 gets involved. Photo Colin Casserley

BriSCA F1 drivers Martin Walton 243 and Jason Eaton 448 get in a mess. Photo Colin Casserley

Dave Campbell 388 looked to be suffering some handling issues and was covering all potential racing lines down the backstraight as white graders Jason Eaton 448 and Martin Walton 243 got involved with each other with Walton riding up and over Eaton, with ‘Captain Chaos’ Ian Higgins 29 being unable to avoid then and ploughing in with Walton flopping over onto his side. Davids led the field away with the yellows being reshown for a stranded Neil Holcroft 496 who had tangled with Higgins on turn two. Joe Booth was not prepared to settle for second and thumped Davids aside with Davids lunging back but failing to prevent Booth from storming to the flag.
446 – 462 – 258 – 467 – 192 – 49 – H392 – 223 – 106 – 235

BriSCA F1 stock car driver Joe Booth 446 storms to the flag. Photo Colin Casserley

The Consolation saw just under twenty cars roll out to the track with yellows being shown fairly promptly for debris underneath the starter’s rostrum. Paul Redfern 252 led the field away with Craig Aston 440 taking in a spin and collecting Hiddinga at the same time. Ian Higgins got into the swing of things lamping Matt Newson 16 in the ex-Colin Goodswen 372 machine while swift Dan Squire 291 got stuck into Richard Regan 428. Paul Redfern’s lead came to an end with a spin with Squire taking up the challenge from Martin Walton. Newson was neck and neck with yellow grader Mark Poole 276, both vying for position. They resumed their battle after a brief respite after the yellow flags were shown for a stranded car. Squire was off like a shot at the start while Poole got stuck into second placed Newson culminating in a superb hit from the lower grader sending Newson clattering into Squire, allowing Poole to take the lead and the flag.
276 – 16 – 496 – H17 – 29 – 243 – 291 – 428 – 252 – 350

BriSCA F1 stock car driver Matt Newson16 under pressure from Mark Poole 276. Photo Colin Casserley

Rob Harrod 258 led the final away as a slow paced Steve Smith 40 bunched up the yellow graders behind. A flurry of activity saw Dan Squire 291 feel the force of Dave Russo 49 sent out by Hiddinga H17 with Squire forced to retire from the fray. Ryan Harrison 197 pushed his way forwards until held up by spinning Gary Lenton 264 as Scott Davids gave Danny Wainman something to think about. Russell Cooper led the field away from Paul Spooner 104 at the restart with the quick Ryan Harrison loitering not far behind. Ian Noden dealt with Luke Dennis 192 letting Harrison slip by, as Frankie Wainman jnr 515 got stuck into his fellow star graders. Spooner inherited the lead but not for long as Harrison sailed by and set off apace. Wainman jnr motored through the field and set about reeling in Harrison with Wainman jnr going side by side with Harrison with the lap down Dave Russo being squeezed in between. Wainman jnr pulled ahead at the turn and flew to the flag.
515 – 197 – 104 – 415 – 306 – 223 – 467 – 192 – 276 – 462

BriSCA F1 stock car drivers Danny Wainman 212 and Ben Hurdman 207. Photo Colin Casserley

Ben Hurdman 207 led the field away for the Grand National with Paul Spooner and Luke Dennis duking it out as Ryan Harrison once more barged up the order going neck and neck with Plymouth’s Tim Farrell 467 with Farrell determinedly sticking with Harrison, holding onto second place until Danny Wainman waded in with his bumper. Farrell had to be content with third but clearly pleased at going so well.
197 – 212 – 467 – 515 – 104 – 192 – 207 – 49 – 291 – 111

BriSCA F1 stock car GN winner Ryan Harrison 197. Photo Colin Casserley

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