Coventry – August 1st 2009 Meeting Report

Joe Booth bags his first Final win at Coventry. Photo Colin Casserley.

Joe Booth bags his first Final win at Coventry. Photo Colin Casserley.

Heat 1
Ike Parkinson (254) got away to take the early while behind him Rob Harrad (258) got T-boned by Russell Cooper (415) and Graham Wagstaff (330) going into the first turn. Steve Harrison (118) was in second place. Lee Robinson (107) was the first of the red grades making his way to the front while just behind Stuart Smith (390), Paul Harrison (2) and Dan Squire (291) were all busy mixing it with each other. James Neachell (322) was soon into third place and attacking Steve Harrison for the second place. Stuart Smith, making his way to the front launched an attack onto the rear of Simon Panton (288) who was sent into the rear of Lee Robinson who was then sent wide. Paul Harrison (2) getting onto the rear of Smith and applying pressure. Meanwhile up front, James Neachell now in second place was himself applying pressure to race leader Ike Parkinson. Neachell attacking and winning the inside line to take the lead. As the race moved into the closing stages the cars were evenly spaced out.

Result:322 – 254 – 198 – 34 – 390 – 2 – 291 – 215 – 8 – 13

Heat 2
Semi-Final race: See separate Race Report.

Heat 3
With the sun setting giving an orange – red – pink sunset twenty-three cars came out for the final heat race. Mike Andrew (220) got the early lead with Tim Warwick (307) in second and James Clement (158) in third place, who wasted no time attacking Warwick. While behind, the Blue and Red grades had closed up to one pack. Frankie Wainman Jnr (515) tangled and spun with Michael Scriven (12) up on turn four.

Waved Yellows.
Restart Order: 220 – 158 – (lapdown 192) – 98 – 307 – 188 – 321 – 84 – 238 – 467

Ed Neachell (321) got off to a very fast restart, passing Mike Kingston (188) and attacking and passing Tim Warwick going down the home straight. Second place James Clement attacked race leader Andrew and ended up T-Boning him on the first turn. Frankie Wainman Jnr was moving quickly into the top ten placings.

Photo Colin Casserley.

Photo Colin Casserley.

Waved Yellows: 188 car into Armco entrance to turn three. Driver needing assistance.
Restart Order: 158 – 98 – 515 – 84 – 73 – (lapdown 416) – 35 – 11 – 467 – 65 – 260

FWJ wasted no time attacking and passing Les Spencer (98) going into turn one with Tom Harris following close behind and also nicking a place. Rob Cowley (73) gave no respite for Spencer, attacking at his first opportunity with Cowley taking the inside line. The 98 and 73 cars were side-by-side down the back straight, though three and four and down the home straight. Les Spencer just getting in front, before Cowley on full charge again attacked going into one. FWJ launched his attack on race leader Clements going into turn one, sending the 158 off to the Armco. Michael Scriven (12) attacked Joff Gibson (249) and was himself attacked by Iain Stirk (65) resulting in all three cars skidding out to the Armco. An unfortunate Tom Harris retired from the race. With two laps to go Timmy Farrell (467) attacked Neil Shenton (35) on turns one and two but was unable to win the inside line with Farrell giving chase down the back straight, launching another attack that saw the 35 car head off towards the Armco. Farrell was then attacked himself by Michael Scriven on the last lap being sent wide and coming out behind Shenton. On the final laps Cowley who was once again behind Spencer launched numerous attacks, each proving fruitless.

Result: 515 – 98 – 73 – 35 – 12 – 467 – 260 – 249 – 65 – 416

Twenty-eight cars gridded for the last chance of getting into the final. Russell Cooper (415) took the early lead with Mike Williamson (111) wasting no time in attacking Steve Harrison (118) in the first turn. Russell Cooper was soon under attack from fellow white grader Graham Wagstaff (330) who went on to take the lead. Tom Harris quickly made his way to the front and was soon chasing down race leader Wagstaff who was coolly making his way though the back markers. Tom Harris wasted no time moving those in front in his pursuit of the 330 car; firing second place Rob Harrad into lap down Williamson thus moving two cars in one move. Tom Harris passed the last lap down car between himself and race leader by the last lap. Harris then dived into turn two connecting with the rear of Wagstaff, with Wagstaff being able to hold on as he powered down the back straight for the last time closely pursued by the 84 car. Harris went for his last attack going into three but Wagstaff was able to just ease in front enough to prevent Harris making full contact with Wagstaff taking the win.

Result: 330 – 84 – 107 – 446 – 335 – 321 – 214 – 41 – 308 – 65

Ike Parkinson got away to take the lead, but all eyes were towards the rear as 515 – 391 made an early onslaught though the reds with 391 just getting ahead of the 515 car. Mark Gilbank (21) was leading red and was quickly racing side-by-side against Timmy Farrell before he continued making his way though the blue graders. A little further back FWJ and Stuart Smith were also side-by-side. Joff Gibson (249) was fired into the Armco going into turn three. As the half way point was reached Ike Parkinson was still leading with Joe Booth (446) in second place. Booth was closing the gap on the race leader, eventually moving him aside to take the lead. Paul Harrison meanwhile had taken up battle with Stuart Smith while Andy Smith was surging towards the front. Ike Parkinson in pushing his car to the limit trying to catch the race leader just overcooked it in turns one and two spinning out at the apex of the bend with lap down Lee Robinson needing to take a sudden detour to avoid the 254 car.

In the closing stages the action was taking place in the back end of the top ten with 2 – 515 – 259 – 390 all desperate to improve their position. Paul Harrison began hassling the 515 car going down the home straight sending the 515 car wide going into one. The cars 2 – 215 – 515 exited turn two three-abreast. With Paul Hines also in the mix, FWJ chased down and passed Geoff Nickolls (215) down the back straight. Nickolls was then under attack from Stuart Smith, with Nickolls not making it easy for Smith to pass.
Joe Booth took the win unchallenged from second place Mark Gilbank.

Result: 446 – 21 – 391 – 416 – 254 – 2 – 515 – 259 – 390 – 215

Grand National
Final winner Joe Booth took the lap handicap meaning he started behind the superstars. Mike Williamson (111) got the early lead while Dan Squire (291) and Tom Harris (84) skidded out to the Armco on the first turn. Andy Smith and Frankie Wainman Jnr were again powering their way though the field at breath taking speed.

Waved Yellows: Tom Harris, Robert Broome (41), Garry Townsend (223) against Armco around track.
Restart Order: 254 – 416 – 308 – 214 – 54 – 21 – 515 – (lapdown 258) – 391 – 16 – 335 – 2.

On the restart, Dave Muckian (416) made an unsuccessful attack for the lead; Mark Gilbank had better success attacking and passing Adam Slater (214) then sending 416 off to the Armco only to have FWJ then attacking his rear. The race track was now the fastest it had been all night. FWJ took the lead from Gilbank on the inside, who wass then passed by Andy Smith. Paul Harrison got on the back bumper of Gilbank and made the pass. Mat Newson (16) was also in on the mix and fighting for a top three place. FWJ was leading Andy Smith on the last lap but going into the last turn Andy gave it everything he had, forcing himself up the inside with both cars exiting turn four neck and neck with Andy winning the drag race to the line.

Result: 391 – 515 – 2 – 16 – 21 – 335 – 259 – 53 – 54 – 214 (tbc)


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