Coventry, 6th June 2015 – Meeting Report and Photo Gallery

The first start to Heat 1 was led away by Mark Adkins (24) and Peter Hobbs (108), with Gary Maynard (514) at the rear of the field in Dylan’s car. Unfortunately, this was a false start due to drivers not staying within their grades. For the second start, Peter Hobbs was flanked by Jason Eaton (448).

Hobbs took the immediate lead, while Steve Anderson (120) went around on the pits bend. Willem Zwerver (H295) successfully challenged for third and then second, with Mark Poole (276) moving into third and PJ Lemons (444) into fourth.

Zwerver spun, losing second place and Dan Johnson (4) tapped Lemons wide to take third at half distance. When the lap boards came out, Johnson was in the top spot; a lead which he held to the flag.


Lower graders battling in Heat 1.

23 cars made their way onto the shale for Heat 2, which was led away Steve Malkin (308) and Russell Cooper (415). Once again, a couple of false starts preceded the actual start. When the green flag finally dropped, the 308 car hit the front, with 415 dropping into second and Billy-Tom O’Connor (316) to third.

Martin Spiers (451) was soon challenging for third and Mick Sworder (150) was also making good progress, already in ninth. Tom Harris (84) made a move on Sworder, knocking him into Chris Brocksopp (338) and out of the race. The yellow flags came out for Spiers and Ollie Ives (237), who were stuck together on the pit gate.

308 was still in the lead at the restart, but the 415 car pulled off, promoting 316 to second and Will Hunter (220) to third. John Dowson (94) and Harris, pushed their way into the top three and, as the laps ticked down, the 84 car reached the front, taking the win ahead of Dowson and Wainman (212).


Tom Harris (84) took the win in Heat 2, with Danny Wainman (212) coming home third.

Heat 3 was led away by Mark Harrhy (44) and John Brown (134), but both white tops got into trouble early on. Graham Wagstaff (330) hit a marker tyre and flipped over on turn 3, necessitating the red flags. The restart was led away by 311, 44 and 306. Harrhy spun and got stuck backwards on the home straight, bringing out the yellows.

The second restart was led away by 311, with Frankie Wainman Junior (515) quickly moving into third place. Ben Hurdman (207) put the bumper in on the leader, sending him wide and into the rough stuff on the Coventry bend.

Wainman reached the front at half distance, with Paul Harrison (2) moving to second and Rob Speak (318) to third. As the laps wound down, Harrison was catching on Wainman in the bends. The 2 car pulled a last lap move on Wainman, lunging at him from too far back and sending them both wide. Speak took the win.


After a last bend move from Paul Harrison, 515 lost out in Heat 3.

The Consolation started with a lot of spinning and an early caution for Karl Hawkins (175) and Mark Sargent (326), who became well and truly tangled on the inside of turn 2. Colin Nairn (280) was out front at the restart but this was short-lived, with 308 nipping into the lead as H179 hit the turn 1 fencing.  Malkin maintained his lead until the lap boards came out and he had Frankie Wainman Junior right behind him. Wainman made his move took the win.

The Final also saw some early spinning, with blue tops, including James Neachell (322) going round in turn 2. John Lund slips sideways and almost tangles with the World Champ. It was Peter Hobbs out front, ahead of Nickolls and Roberts. Karl Roberts was soon overtaken by Mick Rogers (244). Further back, the highest of the superstars was Tom Harris, who was already battling for eighth. Back at the front, the 108 car had hit lap traffic, allowing the chasing pack to close.

At just after halfway, 445 hit the front, ahead of 2 and 244. A late caution was called for for Eliot Smith, who was stuck in the fence. Nigel Green was away and gone at the restart, maintaining his lead to the flag. He crossed the line ahead of 84 and 2.


Final top 3: Nigel Green, Tom Harris and Paul Harrison.

35 cars made it out for the Grand National, which was run just minutes after the final. Final winner Nigel Green was not able to make it out, so the National was led away by 44 and 415. Early leader 44 pulled off onto the centre, allowing John Brown to inherit the lead, with Spiers in second and Roberts in third. The first caution came out to move cars off the racing line, and was soon flowed by a second caution; this time for debris.

After the cautions, it was Eliot Smith out front, ahead of Zwerver and Bonner. At half distance, Sworder made his move for the lead, by planting Eliot Smith into the parked Spiers car. Mick Sworder took the last win of the Coventry double header.


Grand National winner, Mick Sworder.

Words: Rhosanna Jenkins
Photos: Colin Casserley and Steve Botham






















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