Coventry – June 6th 2009 Meeting Report

Photo Colin Cass

Photo Colin Cass

Under a heavily clouded (but not raining) sky following a morning and afternoon of non-stop rain, fifty two BriSCA F1’s filled the pits at Coventry for the rescheduled 2008 Track Championship Final and National Series Round #13 meeting. Tonight also seeing a few changes in grades; Graham Wagstasff (330) returning to white, Timmy Aldrige (257) dropping to yellow along with Chris Bonner (105) and Nigel Whalley (198) . Steven Cayzer (380), James Neachell (322) and Timmy Farrell (467) dropping to blue; while Dave Willis (337) moved up to blue and Mick Harris (8), Chris Brocksopp (338) and Mark Poole (291) all moved to red.

First race of the night was the rescheduled 2008 Track Championship race with just under thirty cars lined up in a closed graded grid. FWJ (515) and Stuart Smith (390) were the first two cars with Mark Gilbank (21) behind FWJ, Paul Harrison (2) behind SSJ, Paul Hines (259) behind 21, Murray Harrison (97) behind 2. Steven Cayzer (380), James Neachell (322) – Mark Woodhull (335), John Lund (53) – Dan Johnson (4) – Dan Squire (291).
FWJ pulled away as the green flag was shown; while behind him and to the outside the cars all closed up and 390, 21, 259, and 97 were all locked together and spun out in the first turn from the pushing pack behind. Andy Smith (391) and John Lund (53) getting the lucky break diving up the inside and along with Tom Harris (84) making up the top four on the opening lap. Dan Johnson and Rob Cowley (73) were locked in there own battle on the opening lap.
Waved Yellows. Cars Retired were 308, 291, 198, 337, 390, 259.
Restart line up 515 – 391 – 53 – 84 – 244 – 321 – 55 – 212 – 21
John Lund wasted no attacking Andy Smith on the restart pushing him wide off the racing line into outside sludge to take second place causing Andy to lose about eight places as he struggled to get his car back onto the clean racing line. Way out front FWJ began to make his way though the back markers with John Lund close behind. A large gap had formed between Lund in second and Tom Harris in third.
As half way was reached Mark Gilbank and Michael Scriven (12) were locked in battle exchanging hits and places. Andy Smith wasted no time in making his way to the front again and forcefully moved Dan Johnson out the way on turns three and four and successfully attacked Gilbank going into turn one. Lund managed to pass Wainman to take the lead, but it was short lived with Wainman attacking Lund going into turn one, pushing the 53 car out wide and deep in the sludge. Matt Newson (16) launched his attack on Tom Harris forcing him off the clean racing line and losing places. FWJ had about a half lap lead on second place Andy Smith and took the win unchallenged.
Result 515 – 391 – 21 – 16 – 2 – 12 – 53 – 380 – 335 – 4


Richard Bryan (238) led the field, Rob Bradsell (265) put in a first turn attack onto Mike Kingston (188), Bradsell was then involved with a tangle up on turns three and four that included Nigel Whalley (198) and Matt Newson (16). Whalley got going again only to become stranded down on exit of turn two. Up the other end on three and four Hayley Parkinson (54) had spun her car at the mid-point. Bryan was still leading with Joff Gibson (249) in second place, while Bryan was attempting to pass or avoid Bradsell going into one, lap down Newson made contact with the 238 car sending him wide and into the sludge on the outside. Gibson and Michael Scriven (12) were having their own battle, becoming tangled and then freed up via John Lund. Lund assisted via his front bumper. Paul Hines (259) was really starting to make his way though the field, FWJ (515) retired from the race as a result of a blow-out but not before kindly assisting the stranded 54 car to safety and opening up the inside racing line on three and four as a result. Jim Bamford (302) had gone into the Armco hard up on three, requiring yellows.
Restart order 259 – Lap down 16 – 12 – 321 – 276 – 2
In the closing stages Newson remained between leader Hines and second place Scriven and Paul Harrison moved himself into third spot. Further back, Gibson attacked and won a place from Timmy Farrell (467).
Result 259 – 12 – 2 – 321 – 305 – 16 – 335 – NOF


James clement (158) took the early lead while red grade Dan Johnson (4) was attacking blue top Murray Harrison (97); both cars becoming tangled and the 4 car going over the bonnet of 97 as both cars skidded onto the infield. Graham Wagstaff (330) took the lead from Clement, just as Tom Harris (84) attacked and T-Boned Andy Smith (391) going into three; both cars recovered but lost places. Geoff Nickolls (215) and Mike Williamson (111) became hooked together on turn one as Timmy Aldridge (257) chased down leader Waggy.
Yellows; Restart order 330 – 257 – 158 – 146 – 322 – 98 – 390 – 21 – 84.
268 – 212 – 215 and 4 all retired to infield.
Aldridge was attacking Waggy from the off, and got in front. Stuart Smith (390) and Mark Gilbank (21) moved up to third and fourth. SSJ passed Waggy down the back straight, Waggy launching his own counter attack going into three, T-Boning SSJ and skidding both cars off the clean racing line into the sludge. SSJ recovered but lost many places as a result. Les Spencer (98) and Murray Harrison (97) were also engaging in their own battle while Andy Smith had fought his way back into third place by half way.
As the second half came to a close, race leader Aldridge began to encounter back markers; closely tailed by Gilbank in second. Andy Smith in turn was on the back of Gilbank, Andy Smith passed Gilbank, then cleanly passed Aldridge on the inside to take the win.
Result 391 – 21 – 257 – 55 – 291 – 288 – 390 – 97 – 98 -11


Saw superstars Frankie Wainman jnr (515) and John Lund (53) in the last chance saloon for the meeting final. Nigel Whalley began attacking Mike Kingston from the off. Dan Johnson was the first of the red graders to begin making his was though the blues and yellows. Steven Cayzer attacked Mark Peters (231) going into one, successfully winning the place, while Peters race ended with him parking against the Armco on the exit of two. FWJ, John Lund and Tom Harris were all racing each other on though the field towards the front. Kingston spun going into one, as half way approached, Geoff Nickolls (215) was leading with Cayzer in second. Joff Gibson (249) attacked James Potter (146) for third spot. Cayzer remained on the back bumper of Nicholls.
FWJ passed Rob Cowley (73) for fourth place, which then saw John Lund launch Cowley into the back of FWJ, FWJ managed to avoid spinning out unlike Cowley. In the closing stages Cayzer retired from the race giving second place to FWJ, not content FWJ chased down leader Nicholls and was able to successfully move the 215 car wide on the last bend to take the win.
Result 515 – 215 – 53 – 249 – 84 – 198 – 4 – 54 – 212 – 338


James Clement (158) was the solo white grade trying to out run over twenty five cars. The early stages saw the normal bunching of grades and bumpers a plenty as each driver strove to break clear of the chaos behind. Paul Hines (259) and Stuart Smith (390) were forcing their way forward, until Hines was forced onto the infield going into three clipping the marker tyre with his front outside tyre that ‘launched’ the 259 into the air, being lucky not to roll on landing. The marker tyre was moved onto the track as a result but was soon moved off the racing line and out to the Armco thanks to a direct head on hit from Craig Finnikin (55).
Timmy Aldridge (257) had taken the lead by half way. As the race entered its second half, Andy Smith began to make his way towards the front moving everything in his path. Younger brother Stuart had already taken the lead from Aldridge. Gilbank passed Murray Harrison who quickly had Aldridge and FWJ attacking his rear with both cars getting passed. FWJ easily passed Aldridge for third placing. Up in front Stuart had increased his ¼ lap lead on Gilbank to a good half lap lead and took the win unchallenged.
Result 390 – 21 – 515 – 257 – 215 – 2 – 291 – 53 – 55 – 249


Last race of the night saw Stuart Smith jnr take the lap handicap. Kingston (188) planted Aldridge (257) into Peters (231) on the opening turn. Matt Newson (16) was the first red grade into the blues despatching Rob Cowley (73) while Mark Gilbank tucked up the inside. Behind, Dan Squire (291), Craig Finnikin (55) and Tom Harris (84) working as a pack; were forcing their way forwards. James Clement (158) was leading with Kingston trying to close the gap, pushing just a little two hard and half spinning in turn one before third place man Aldridge made contact and straightened up the 188 car. Daniel Wainman (212) and Mark Poole (276) also tangled in turn one, causing the following pack to plough there way though. Andy Smith passed FWJ, Finninkin attacked FWJ going into thee sending the 515 car into 391 and T-Boning it. Aldridge was chasing down leader Clement until losing his front wheel and giving second place to Woodhull Yellows required.
Restart order 158 – 335 – 13 – 21 – 4 – 55 – 188 – 53 – 390 – 467.
Dan Johnson did not get away to a good restart with Finnikin taking the place and then launching himself into the Gilbank and Andy Ford (13) cars in front. Clement had Woodhull (335) on his back bumper and in turn Woodhull had Finninkin on his. Johnson launched his own attack on Finnkin and Woodhull, before launching another attack on the 55 car in turn four which gifted John Lund the lead and Stuart Smith the second spot.
Result 53 – 390 – 515 – 391 – 73 – 158 – 13 – 305 – 335 – 21

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