Buxton – May 16th 2010 Meeting Report

The only chance of racing practice before the August Semi final saw over thirty cars make the journey for the World Championship Qualifying round at Buxton Raceway.

Photo Colin Casserley

Nineteen cars came onto the track for heat one of a two thirds format with Rob Whitaker (142) leading them away initially but soon being surpassed by Spencer Taylor (498). Will Yarrow (22) was the first blue to show and make a fast break as red tops Dan Johnson (4), Craig Finnikin (55) and James Lund (153) came out of turn two three-abreast and continued as such down the back straight squeezing Finnikin intolerably as the meat in the sandwich. Yarrow made his towards the front followed quickly by Lee Robinson (107) and Paul Hines (259). At the half way point, Andy Smith (1) passed Tom Harris (84) and Yarrow; as behind, a red top train entered turn one with the lead car of Mat Newson (16) having nowhere to go but to bang into the armco. Hines and Robinson bypassed the fast yellow grade leader Taylor with Smith shortly after attempting to use Taylor as a cue ball to connect with Frankie Wainman jnr (515) who was just ahead. Taylor rode round the outside, coming out of turn two neck and neck with Smith who had succeeded in slowing himself down and was unable to reach Wainman before the chequered.
259 – 107 – 515 – 1 – 498 – 84 – 22 – 4 – 16 – 73

Photo Colin Casserley

Heat two soon followed, being the biggest heat with twenty-two cars and a lone Mark Tittcomb (398) at the front as newcomer Mike Kingston jnr (488) started all his races at the rear of the field. Speed was of the essence and Ryan Harrison (197) bumpered Spencer Taylor (498) as Rob Cowley (73) dropped to the rear of the field. Taylor, Newson, Wainman and Broome piled into turn two with Harrison taking up the lead. Towards the rear, Rob Cowley and John Lund (53) tustled as Stu Smith jnr’s (390) bad fortune continued as he headed to the infield. He had looked to have serious set up issues to start with as he had been going wide into the turns during the race and practice. Due to the number of cars on the infield, including Murray Harrison (97), SSJ, Scott Davids (462), Spencer Taylor (498) and Craig Utley (484) whom had all been forced to retire, the remaining cars were more spread out and the race was fast but verged on being processional. After the flag, Ryan Harrison was docked two places for jumping the green.
259 – 107 – 515 – 464 – 2 – 197 – 191 – 11 – 41 – 53

Photo Paul Tully

Heat three saw seventeen cars with white graders Tittcomb and Whitaker at the front. The following reds were too quick away and the field was sent round for another rolling lap as a consequence. Tittcomb was quick away, closely followed by Mark Helliwell (170) and Yarrow. Dan Johnson, Craig Finnikin and Whitaker tangled on the pit bend, momentarily becoming stationary by the pitgate but Johnson and Finnikin were soon swiftly away leaving Whitaker stranded. At the same time, across in front of the home straight stand, Tom Harris (84) tangled with Richard Bryan (238) and both hit the infield kicking up a vast cloud of dust;

Photo Colin Casserley

but both sorted themselves and got back in the race before the yellow flags. The restart removed any lead Tittcomb had, with the order being ~ 398 – 22 – 170 – 97 – 464 – 459 – 212 – 1 – 153 – 53 – 84 – 4 – 55 – 238

At the green, Yarrow was straight into Tittcomb and took the lead with Bryan passing Finnikin who had slowed slightly, perhaps due to his tyres temporarily having lost their grip. The reds were jostling as Tom Harris hit Daniel Wainman (212). Luke Davidson (464) attempted to dispatch John Lund but got himself out of shape and wriggled up the home straight allowing Lund to continue on. Andy Smith (1) continued his progress, passing Lee Dimmick (459) and then Mark Helliwell shortly after with Harris following closely behind. Leader Yarrow was momentarily protected from the fast gaining Smith by backmarker Bryan but Bryan sensibly went wide and Smith slipped through. The close following Harris quickly bumpered Bryan out of the way on the entrance to turn one with Bryan ending his race resting in the turn three armco. Yarrow successfully kept the distance from Smith and Harris, and took the chequered flag.
22 – 1 – 84 – 459 – 153 – 170 – 464 – 212 – 4 – 97

Photo Colin Casserley

Twenty four cars made it out for the final with more than half the field possessing a red roof. Lone white top, at the front of the field, Tittcomb led them away as the three following yellows, battled amongst themselves with Taylor laying into Broome, swiftly followed by Helliwell making his mark on Taylor. The reds were on top of the blues as one big mass with Murray Harrison, half spinning on turn two and Paul Hines momentarily becoming hooked up.

Photo Paul Tully

Yarrow and Taylor were neck and neck as they vied for the lead with Taylor taking it but being made to relinquish it the next lap. Taylor looked like he would have another go if he could get close enough but Robert Broome (41) ran over Taylor’s inside back wheel and the following cars were soon on them. Scott Davids scraped the armco on one as the tustling James Lund, Paul Harrison (2) and Daniel Waiman (212) went wide together on the same bend with Lund being squeezed out and coming to rest up the armco at an angle.

Photo Paul Tully

The yellows were shown, as Lund was wedged up against the armco on turn two with front end damage and Davids had come to a rest half way down the back straight against the armco. The restart order was ~ 22 – 107 – 498 – 84 – 41 – 464 – 459 – 259 – 515 – 1 – 73 – 16 – 4
Robinson was straight up front taking the lead, with Harris then getting straight into Yarrow and not being shy about using his bumper. Andy Smith, Wainman jnr and lower grader Taylor tustled together with youngster Taylor giving it his all, and sticking the bumper into Smith as they went into turn one. Smith was then straight down the backstraight after him but was forced to retire himself after damaging his own car. Frankie Wainman bumpered Harris as further down the field, Paul Harrison made good use of his bumper on backmarker Tittcomb and then Davidson to improve his position. Second place Yarrow soon had the quick Paul Hines bearing down on him, with the two of them being neck and neck before Hines sent him wide allowing both himself and Frankie Wainman to pass. Robinson took the chequered and celebrated by burning off his tyres while it was nice to see Frankie back on the podium, and having some success after being dogged with car issues of late.
107 – 259 – 515 – 22 – 84 – 16 – 2 – 464 – 4 – 459

Photo Paul Tully

The last race of the day, the Grand National saw twenty-two cars take the green with a big pile up of red tops occuring at the start. The reds again outnumbered the other three grades, allowing them some temporary respite. Spencer Taylor and Will Yarrow took up ther running with Yarrow giving Taylor a nudge to taker the lead. Luke Davidson off the front of the reds had avoided the confused tangle and soon made his way upto third place. Andy Smith and Frankie Wainman were neck and neck with Smith having the edge and passing Wainman. Mat Newson then made his way past Wainman and seemed to get near to Smith but not quite near enough for a proper hit and only succeeded in nudging at Smith’s back bumper.
22 – 1 – 16 – 515 – 84 – 464 – 73 – 212 – 259 – 2

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