Buxton – August 11th 2013: Meeting Report

This reports continues from the separate World Semi-Final Report.

With the Semi Final now over it was back to the rest of the meeting, consisting of a further two heats, an “all-in” Final and Grand National.

Of the Semi men, 446 Joe Booth loaded up with gear selection problems. 21 Mark Gilbank also loading up, Mark still suffering from a previous heavy shunt at Coventry. 84 Tom Harris, was forced to retire after the Harris car suffered a slight bend to the chassis rail. Despite the last bend shunt with Fairhurst looking light, the Nerf rails refused to give on the 84 car, with the consequence of the chassis rail taking the brunt of the impact.


Heat 2 (The World Semi-Final effectively acting as Heat 1) saw an rapid start from 153 James Lund from blue grade. Three laps in, it was 229 Derek Brown from 11 Neil Scriven, 153 third and 22 Will Yarrow in fourth place. Further back 318 Rob Speak and 515 Frankie Wainman Jnr were having an exchange of bumpers with 107 Lee Robinson and 1 Lee Fairhurst in the mix.

At halfway it was Scriven now in the lead from Lund and Yarrow but the 259 Paul Hines car was gaining, the Hines car showing a rapid turn of speed in 4th place. Come the last bend the places remained the same but 153 James Lund perhaps sensing a first win for the new tar car went for an almighty lunge at Scriven. The Scriven car was pushed wide but with Lund spinning and slowing Yarrow in the process, Scriven dashing for the line with Hines in pursuit followed by Yarrow, the 153 car recovering to 10th.

Heat 2 Result: 11, 259, 22, 1, 318, 515, 12, 300, 4, 153


Heat 3 was a little less hectic, 515 Wainman pulling off to the centre before the green was dropped and at lap 1 it was 90 Liam Brown from 417 Mike James and 41 Robert Broome. 153 was punted wide early on but recovered to pursue from the back of the grid.

On lap 3 Danny Wainman who had been in pursuit of 221 Shaun Blakemore decided the time was right to extract revenge for the Euro weekend and put the bumper in on the Pit bend forcing Blakemore into the Armco, and sending the 221 car limping off to the centre green.

By halfway long distance traveller Mike James had built a healthy lead from 172 Mickey Randell with 259 again very quick in third, the 337 car of Jamie Jackson was now tyre smoking badly from a possible chafing tyre on the rails.

By the end the 259 car was visibly gaining on leader James but the lead was too much and James came home the winner followed by Hines, the 417 car unfortunately then failing the post race scrutineering on ride height, the win being awarded to Paul Hines.

Heat 3 Result: 259, 172, 2, 464, 462, 41, 377, 153, 212, 53


The Final had a healthy grid of cars, unfortunately Paul Hines did not show, the car suffering from Diff bearing issues, the repair being too big a job. By lap 2 the 417 car of James was again leading from 11 Scriven and 153 Lund in third. The number 4 car of Dan Johnson appeared to lose power and retired to the infield. At lap 7 it was still James leading but Scriven had gained pushing the 11 car aside for the lead with 22 Yarrow, 153 Lund and 318 Speak having a good battle behind.

At just over halfway 417 James dropped out to the infield and it was now Scriven from Speak, with Fairhurst now up to 3rd and 153 Lund following. The 318 Speak car was gaining on Scriven and with two laps to go Speak pushed Scriven aside for the lead, with Fairhurst in pursuit. Come the final lap, Fairhurst appeared to be going for a last bend lunge on the Speak car, but sensing he was too far back hauled on the brakes before heading head long for the Armco.

Meeting Final Result: 318, 1, , 11, 153, 515, 212, 107, 12, 53


The Grand National saw a grid of 15 cars, with Speak taking the handicap. It was again 417 Mike James who was the early leader and at Halfway James was leading from 22 Yarrow, 4 Johsnon, 11 Scriven and 515 Wainman. By lap 11 the 417 James car drifted wide into turn 1 letting the Yarrow car through with Dan Johnson in pursuit.

With 2 laps to go it looked as if the Yarrow car may be the eventual winner but with a cruel blow the 22 car appeared to lose power letting 4 Dan Johnson through for the lead followed by 515 Wainman, the Yarrow car eventually finishing in 4th behind long time leader Mike James.

Grand Nations Result: 4, 515, 417, 22, 12, 212, 153, 11, 107, 53


Words: Andy Armer
Photos: Colin Casserley

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