Buxton, 3rd June 2018 – Meeting Report and Photos

An unexpected chance to visit Buxton for the world qualifier arose so I packed my sun cream, woolly hat, scarf and gloves and headed off to the beautiful Peak District. “All roads lead to Buxton, that jewel in the hills”, as the song goes and it turned out to be a little gem of a meeting in my opinion. The sun shone all day, the sky was blue, the sheep didn’t need roping to the hillside to stop them blowing away… and we had F1s, F1 Heritage, the V8 Hotstox British Championship and National Ministox on the bill.

Jacklyn Ellis (219) and Jon Horne (19) led away the 18 car first heat, disputing the lead for a lap or two until Ellis got the upper hand. Steve Whittle (183) moved into second spot, taking the lead down the home straight in a typical Buxton high speed race. Tristan Jackson (101) went second with Danny Wainman (212) taking third three laps from home ahead of gold top Nigel Green (445). It was very pleasing to see Steve Whittle take a rare race win – grab a few more Steve before you go back up to blue!

Jacklyn Ellis (219) and Jon Horne (19) leading Heat 1

Another 18 for heat two and a much more entertaining race. Adam Bamford (43) led the opening lap as Craig Utley (484) cracked Ricky Wilson (502) wide in no uncertain terms to take second, then did the same to Bamford to head the pack until he slid wide, letting the 43 car back in. Bamford and Utley banged wheels down the home straight allowing third placed Colin Goodswen (372) to close and take over the top spot with Aaron Leach (70) in tow but the star men were catching up fast. Harrison (2), Smith (390) and Wainman (515) joined the top five behind 372 and 70. Harrison applied the bumper to Goodswen, Smith applied the bumper to both and FWJ struggled to pass Leach.

Smith hit the front around the top bend ahead of Harrison and Wainman as the lap boards came out but Paul wasn’t done, bumpering 390 wide on the pit bend to retake the lead while Leach resumed his battle with FWJ. It all happened on the last lap. Harrison and Smith tangled coming off turn four for the last time within sight of the flag, Leach and Wainman went in behind them and Goodswen inherited the lead in the final yards of the race with Frankie JJ (515) taking his “new” car to a fine second place.

Heat 2 winner, Colin Goodswen

During a ministox race the chap next to me commented that the minis go faster than he did when he was racing stock cars. Needless to say I had to find out more. It turns out this gentleman was Keith Hope, former F1 and F2 driver from Huddersfield who raced under the number 389. According to the Since 1954 site he raced F1s from 1972 to 1974 and Keith said he competed against a couple of the cars now racing in the Golden Years heritage class back in the day and managed the odd win or two in his F2 career.

Just 16 for the consolation, stopped early on for an incident involving John Thompson (312) and George Elwell (501). Thompson sent the 501 car fencewards on the pit bend, Elwell repaid the hit with interest on the next bend, sending both into the plating and being joined by Kyle Gray (124). Tom Harris (84) wasted no time in getting to the front once the racing resumed, chased over the line by Hines (259) and FWJ with early leader Bamford a fine fourth.

Elwell repaying Thompson’s earlier hit with interest in the Consolation

Twenty-nine cars for the Al Henderson Memorial trophy. With current holder Michael Scriven (12) not racing could previous winners Harris or Smith take the main prize? For a time it looked like a surprize lower grade win was on the cards as both Bamford and Ellis took turns at leading until Jacklyn decided it was time to get serious and pulled out a bit of a gap. Whittle was showing well in third but Will Hunter (220) was the first of the star men through, hotly pursued by Harrison, Green and Harris. Smith was already out after a wild tangle with Newson entering the pit bend right at the start but a caution for Hunter, facing the wrong way at the start of the home straight negated all the hard work done by Ellis.

She controlled the restart perfectly to head Jones (186) and Harrison (2) into the second half of the race as Fairhurst (217) shoved three cars aside in one go to move up the placings. Paul Harrison took over the lead with Green second and Ellis hanging on to third while Harris blew a rear tyre – exit 84 stage right. Jacklyn had a cheeky nibble at the 445 car, taking back second spot as Green suffered the same fate as Harris.

Fairhurst held third as the lap boards came out, tapping Jacklyn wide on the last corner and beating her to the line for second place by what looked like a matter of inches. And Harrison? Well, he had already crossed the line half a lap ahead to take a convincing victory and the Al Henderson Memorial trophy.

Paul Harrison took the flag in the meeting final, with Fairhurst second and Ellis third.

There were 26 cars for the Grand National but most people were probably watching just one in particular. Jacklyn Ellis powered away from the front of the grid to lead by the length of a straight within a few laps and drove a faultless race to take her first F1 win. Fairhurst again filled the runner-up spot with Gray (124) third. An excellent drive from the youngster to head home the likes of FWJ, Harris and Smith, with final winner Harrison taking the last paid place.

A fine afternoon’s entertainment, some good, fast racing and the sun was still shining at the end.

Jacklyn Ellis taking her first win in the BriSCA F1s

Words: Mick Jenkins
Photos: Colin Casserley

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