Buxton – 2010 World Semi-Final #2 Race Report & Video Highlights

The second Semi final was the second F1 race up on the Buxton format with all Semi finalists being present except for Jim Bamford (302) who has retired, making Mick Rogers (244) the replacement in his usual shale car. Garry Fox (48) was in the ex-Spencer Taylor machine with Spencer and Mark Taylor both visible in the pits, lending a hand. Joe Booth (446) was back out in the Utley car, hoping for better luck than when he had the car out at the European weekend.

BriSCA F1 stock car Semi-final #2 grid 2010 at Buxton. Photo Colin Casserley

At the green Andy Smith (1) edged into the lead going into turn one with Tom Harris (84) just slightly behind on the outside with all cars making a big push into turn one. As they roared round turn one, Hines, himself pushed on heavily from behind, laid into Smith but Smith, no doubt expecting it, maintained the lead.

Further back in the pack, shale driver Chris Brocksopp (338) got it a bit sideways and Lee Dimmick (459) on trying to nick through on the inside, tangled with Brocksopp and the two became enmeshed together ending on the infield grass of turn two. As the yellows came out, James Lund (153) managed to get himself moving from the armco, leaving Carl Pickering (141) behind in the fence after a blue grade tangle. Joe Booth’s (446) third meeting lack of success with the Utley car continued as he ended his race parked up against the pit gate.

Restart order: 1 – 107 – 84 – 464 – 21 – 53 – 259 – 462 – 11 – 385 – 217 – 8 – 172 – 288 – 429 – 244 – 35 – 48 – 459

There was a small bit of a break in the proceedings as Mark Gilbank (21) was vehemently stating the case to Simon Bennion Clerk of the course that he had been in front of John Lund when the yellows came out. While the wrangling went on to some heckling from the back straight, Carl Pickering (141) pulled off to the infield and Scott Davids (462) was pushed to the infield by Steve Thompson jnr (385).

At the restart Smith looked like he was going to break well free of the pack and put some good space between him and the following cars. Tom Harris quickly regained his second place from Robinson and Gilbank tussled with Lund, Gilbank getting the upper hand.

Lee Fairhurst fancying his chances in a tarmac semi used Neil Scriven (11) as a big blue cue ball to send Lund out to the armco. Mickey Randell (172) was trying to get by Neil Scriven but Scriven held him off and the pair on going wide, let others race by. Simon Panton (288) and Mark Woodhull (335) came together with Woodhull being stranded in the armco just in front of Mick Rogers.

BriSCA F1s Neil Scriven 11 and Mickey Randell 172 in the Buxton semi final. Photo Colin Casserley

Restart order: 1 – 84 – 107 – 464 – 21 – 259 – 217 – 8 – 53 – 11 – 172 – 385 – 459 – 429 – 48 – 35

Andy Smith again headed off into the distance but it was not long before the Yellows came out again. Lee Dimmick who had had the misfortune to be part of the tangle of Thompson jnr, Gareth Wildman (429) and Garry Fox (48) fighting for position came to grief. Dimmick got the rough end of the deal, coming to a precarious halt on the back straight with his front bumper hanging off just as it looked like Harris was going to make a move.

Lee Dimmick's (459) damaged bumper in the semi-final. Photo Colin Casserley

Restart order: 1 – 84 – 107 – 464 – 21 – 259 – 217 – 53 – 11 ……

As they once again took the green, chaos once again reigned as Tom Harris, who all race had looked like he was lining up Smith for a big punt, had the misfortune for his gear stick to come off in his hands. Tom on having to slow, dropped back down the order as the others tore past going into one, with Luke Davidson (464) clattering into Lee Robinson and riding up his front end as he spun pinning Harris against the armco.

Meanwhile, down the other end, John Lund saw the opportunity to better his position and returned the earlier favour to Lee Fairhurst, sending him clattering into Mark Gilbank who spun out in a big cloud of tyre smoke just as the yellows came out.

The BriSCA F1s of Mark Gilbank 21 and Lee Fairhurst 217 after being despatched by Lund. Photo Colin Casserley

Restart order: 1 – 259 – 53 – 11 – 172 – 35 – 48 – 385 – 21 – 217 – 429 – 107 – 84

Tom Harris had managed to extricate himself from the turn two armco but in the collision, had damaged a tyre and he proceeded with his NSF tyre going flat. Harris stopped his car on the entrance to turn three, and as they set off it became obvious he planned to just keep going and hope that the field dwindled further, putting him back in the top ten. Derek Fairhurst (218) had attempted a similar feat at the fantastic Birmingham semi of 2006.

Tom Harris 84 with his semi-final hopes in tatters at Buxton 2010. Photo Colin Casserley

On realising that Lund was actually in third place a massive cheer stretched round the stadium, larger than the eventual semi winner got himself.

BriSCA F1 stock car driver John Lund 53 who was third in the semi-final. Photo Colin Casserley

On the restart it was clear as he went up the home straight for the restart that Mark Gilbank had a NSR wheel wobble, suggestive of a half shaft issue. Andy Smith shot off once again at top speed as relative newcomer Steve Thomson jnr and old hand Garry Fox tustled for position. Mark Gilbank’s race did come to a premature end with a black flag for his efforts and Tom’s attempt to finish on three wheels and a rim ended as he too was forced to pull to the infield. They were soon joined there by Steve Thompson jnr whose OSR tyre had finally let go, at a time when he had been doing well and looking likely to qualify for the WF in his first real season.

As he lapboards came out, the cars still racing became more spread out as over half the field had been forced to retire in a real race of attrition. Garry Fox was nearly being lapped by leader Smith but all he had to do was finish and he would still get on the WF grid as only ten cars remained. Neil Shenton (35) who had driven a quiet race when compared to many, had been smoking for awhile; finally disappearing in a cloud of smoke and slowed right down as the laps rolled down. He finished on tick over, coasting over the finish line. The lap down Garry Fox boosted his position by overtaking Shenton on the last lap to finish ninth. Shenton said afterwards that he was pleased and that to finish first, you have to first finish.

Winning the Buxton semi-final 2 Andy Smith 1. Photo Colin Casserley

1 – 259 – 53 – 11 – 172 – 217 – 107 – 429 – 48 – 35

Report by: Ailsa Haigh

Video Highlights

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Highlights of the second 2010 World Semi-Final from Buxton. Filmed from the fence, showing just how close-up to the action you can get with BriSCA Formula 1 Stockcars.

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