Blauwhuis – April 30th 2012 Meeting Report

The Queen’s Birthday meeting at Blauwhuis saw over fifty cars celebrate in style in front of a huge crowd. Rain in the preceeding days meant that the clay to the pits was thick and heavy but boards had been laid down in preparation and the tractors were well capable of pushing and pulling transporters into the pits.

Blauwhuis action. Photo Colin Casserley

The backstraight did indeed have armco plating but as the deep dyke behind was absolutely full of water, it was the best plan really. The homestraight and turns one and two were left as they were. Nine heats led up to the Xeramic Cup race with each driver racing in three heats with a thirty three race format of f2s, f2 juniors, Sierra cars and the ever popular rodeos as support and all for the princely sum of ten Euros (just over eight pounds).

Haye Postma 252 and Henk Jan Ronitz 240 find the ditch. Photo Colin Casserley

For the first time a handful of BriSCA F1 drivers raced at Blauwhuis with Frankie Wainman jnr 515, Daniel Wainman 212, Chris Fort 3 and Ivan Pritchard 434 travelling to the Friesland clay venue. All four got in some hot laps pre-meeting with Frankie settling into his stride the quickest.

the Wainmans on track at Blauwhuis. Photo Stephen Cording

Heat one saw Arjan Ligthart 112 lead the field away with the clay still being a bit heavy but it did not stop the drivers from gleefully tearing round the track, foot to the floor. Edwin Ploeg 45 took up the running out front with Ligthart’s offside rear giving way, slowing but not stopping him. Durk Greidanus H29 was charging up the order battling with Fred Hink 35 with Ouwe Bijlsma 3 getting involved creating an entertaining jostle for position. Out front Bert de Vries 20 was having a good run, going on to take the win.

Ron Kroonder 217 on the inside of Bouwe Arjan Hiddinga 17. Photo Colin Casserley

Thea Helder 143 was quick away at the green for Heat 2 looking to put distance between her car and the rest. Flat out and flying is the general style of racing with the ex-Frankie Wainman jnr car of Richard uit den Boogaard (81) going a little too wide and finding the dyke.

Richard uit den Boogaard 81. Photo Stephen Cording

Thea was still going Hell for leather out front, but was going ever wider and wider, clipping Richard as the red flags were waved for stationary newcomer Germ Kuikert 144. Ron Kroonder 217 was caught in a scrum and retired gracefully. Thea led them away once more but with the field on her tail, she went slightly wide letting Peter Koorn 41 take the lead before an energetic Marco Kandt 67 blasted past, foot flat to the floor tail hanging out sideways style to take the win.

Marco Kandt 67 in action. Photo Colin Casserley

Lower grader Ed Tesselar 348 was pushed wide at the commencement of Heat 3 letting Feite van der Veen 124 out front. Willem Hein de Haan 88 barged by and roared off being hotly persued by Haye Postma 252 but was way out ahead until his offside rear tyre went, allowing his competitors to steal past with Jan Roelof Wijbenga 228 taking the lead and preventing Jessy de Bruyn 399 from getting close enough for a hit by taking a wider line round the bends.

Willem Hein de Haan 88 in action. Photo Colin Casserley

Frankie Wainman jnr UK515 had travelled purposefully, albeit in a more reserved UK style up the order but was being dogged by Henk Jan Ronitz 240 who looked just as quick if not quicker than Wainman but did not thump him aside. Daniel Wainman UK212 not being as experienced in bumpy tracks took a nice steady tight inside line round the track to finish tenth after sticking to Frankie Like glue to follow his line.

Daniel 212 sticking with Frankie Wainman jnr 515 . Photo Stephen Cording

Daniel 212 sticking with Frankie Wainman jnr 515 . Photo Stephen Cording

Edwin Ploeg 45 in Koen Maris 61’s old car was going great guns in Heat 4 and gave Arjan Ligthart 112 a punt until the red flags were waved for Rian Vronik 102 who had clouted the new backstraight armco and flown up in the air and into a big roll. Ploeg repeated his attack and pushed past to take the lead. Towards the rear Ron Kroonder 217 and Louw Wobbes 22 were neck and neck until Bijlsma 3 got involved, with a great threeway battle taking place with Bijlsma throwing it in field style with Wobbes getting the upper hand in the latter stages. Another good run from Bert de Vries 20 saw him follow Edwin Ploeg home. Toon Vronik 2 had been going well but a flat tyre dropped him down the order but this did nothing to deter the veteran from continuing with his rim digging up big clods of clay, changing the track lap by lap.

Henk Maris 60 in his brand new Ryan Harrison 197 built car charged into the lead for Heat 5 as Weird Gietema 76 nudged Frankie Wainman jnr into a spin. Camiel de Decker 62 thumped into the sideways Marco Kandt 67 as Peter Koorn 41 closed down leader Maris. Rob Hink 46 and Weird Gietema 76 were trading places with Gietema looking quick until he came to grief getting tangled with Siem du Porto 33. Hink pulled off a great move against Jac Tesselaar 440 and Bate Feenstra 74 in the latter stages, divebombing deep into turn one almost kissing the dyke before driving flat out and up the inside of both opponents up the backstraight. Out front Koorn romped to the flag thwarting Marco Falkena 151 who took second.

Weird Gietema 76 spins Frankie Wainman jnr 515. Photo Colin Casserley

Heat 6 saw Evert-Jan Winards 585 and Egbert van der Werf 331 briefly contest the lead with Egbert getting the better of Winards with Thea Helder 143 getting the better of both of them, tearing forwards as the flags were shown for an upside down Winards in the homestraight dyke. Martijn Oudhuis 477 stuck the bumper into Daniel Wainman 212 who was blackflagged not long after for having a flat tyre. Tyres were popping left right and centre on the abrasive track as Hein Damstra 232 took in the views from the top of an infield bank. Haye Postma 252 was trying to reel in Thea, getting ever closer but not near enough to prevent her from taking the win.

Daniel Wainman 212 backflagged for a flat tyre. Photo Stephen Cording

Thea Helder 143. Photo Colin Casserley

Arjan Ligthart took up the running in Heat 7 followed by Toon Vronik 2 who was soon to be involved in the biggest incident of the day. From the rear Frankie Wainman jnr UK515 got too close to the infield at the off and rode up ‘wall of death’ style the banking of turn one before getting his foot down and back into the race. Marco Kandt 67 barged by Onno Pietersma 11 to power into second before relegating Ligthart 112 down the order with Kandt giving it full on sideways power round the bends.

Toon Vronik 2 comes back down to earth with a bump. Photo Colin Casserley

At this point Toon Vronik 2 went bouncing up over the infield banking, still foot to the floor and flew into the air before crashing down clipping Koen Maris 61 with an unsighted Ivan Pritchard UK434 charging into Vronik’s engine rails and destroying the chassis rails, the headers, the carb and potentially writing off the entire block with what must have been a huge impact. Thankfully everyone walked away from the scary looking incident.

the remains of Toon Vronik's 2 engine. Photo Colin Casserley

Marco Kandt 67 reled the field with Rob Hink 46 fiercely pursuing and snatching the lead for himself. Having another good run, Bert de Vries 20 was tearing towards the front, pressuring Kandt for second place before moving onto Hink with the two getting hooked up, slowing them both with de Vries being dumped on the infield banking. The error allowed Kandt back through to the lead and Hink had to settled for second.

Marco Kandt 67 going sideways with style. Photo Colin Casserley

The penultimate Heat saw Rutger Valk 27 get beached on top of the banking while Edwin Ploeg 45 shot into the lead throwing himself into the bends in a bid to stay ahead. Jelle Hiemstra 173 and Gosse Hoekstra 44 quickly climbed up the depleted field with Hiemstra clearing Hoekstra but coming under pressure from Durk Greidanus 29. Jelle Hiemstra 173 tried to stick with Greidanus, trying to get up the inside but Durk held him off. Of the UK visitors Chris Fort UK3 retired early on while Daniel Wainman UK212 having a baptism of fire with the bumpy Dutch track, finished in sixth.

Daniel Wainman 212 under pressure from Job Hondred 540. Photo Colin Casserley

Time was pressing on for the Wainmans as they had a plane to catch and it was touch and go as to whether they would be able to stay for the Xeramic Cup Final. Heat nine saw not one but two full restarts and some unusual corner watering to make the clay in turn one and down the backstraight exceptionally testing conditions. The first restart being due to Marco Falkena 151 taking in a sideways view of the track and the second due to Feite van der Veen 124 spinning and having the following field clattering in.

Consequently when the heat finally restarted the field was heavily depleted. Peter Koorn 41 charged out ahead and remained there while Weird Gietema 76 and Jessy de Bruyn 399 got reacquainted. Martijn Oudhuis 477 took a wider line round one and two caught the slippy clay and slid not so gracefully out into the dyke. Due to the watering of the corner, cars were beautifully pirouetting out towards the dyke. In the latter stages Gietema charged as hard as he could to close down Koorn but his lead was too great and he had to be content with second with a mere four cars finishing the race.

With the Wainman’s having to leave to catch their flight, the F1 stockcar final was the last race of the Blauwhuis meeting. As the grid formed up Ed Tesselaar 348 roared into the lead with Arjan Ligthart 112 getting revenge on Edwin Ploeg 45 and punting him aside. A complete restart was called for after Jan Roelof Wijbenga 228 took in a spin on turns three and four and the other cars scattered.

Jan Roelof Wijbenga 228. Photo Colin Casserley

Ed Tesselaar led the charge as Peter Koorn’s 41 opportunity came to an end with a sweeping spin on turn three. Haye Postma 252 exuberantly charged passed Thea Helder 143 for the lead as Edwin Ploeg 45 skimmed the dyke and retired. Jac Tesselaar 440 in no mood to mess about, got stuck into Onno Pietersma 11. 2011 Dutch Open winner Martijn Oudhuis 477 was fleeing towards the front taking a wide line running the risk of being snatched up by the dyke in the press of cars all charging to the front.

Martijn Oudhuis H447 slides to the dyke. Photo Colin Casserley

The flags were waved for Oudhuis who uncomfortably found himself sideways on to the homestraight pointing into the dyke. Louw Wobbes 22 looked unlikely to progress much further as tyre smoke filled the air from his nearside rear tyre but he made the restart. Haye Postma 252 led the restart from the equally exuberant Marco Kandt 67. Marco soon made his presence felt and eagerly took command. Postma got snagged up with the lap down Rian Vronik 102 letting Kandt extend his lead.

Henk Jan Ronitz 240. Photo Colin Casserley

Henk Jan Ronitz 240 had been playing it cool in the heats but was on fire for the final, ebulliently charging forth with the experienced Bert de Vries 20 tailing after him. Ronitz thumped Kandt aside for the lead with de Vries quicky moving in on Kandt sending him wide. Ronitz came up behind Vronik 102, moving swiftly ahead, keeping the back marker between him and the predatory de Vries.

Thea Helder 143 finds the dyke in the Final. Photo Colin Casserley

The flags were waved for Arjan Ligthart who had tangled with Rob Hink 46, with Thea Helder 143 clipping Ligthart with Thea making a trip to the dyke. Henk Jan Ronitz led them away but had a succession of drivers all in with a shout behind. Eager to be away, Kandt sped by Vronik before checking himself as the green had not been shown. Ronitz faded away with a dry sump issue, retiring from the track leaving Bert de Vries 20 to show his complete dominance of the Blauwhuis speedway, charging ahead of the field. Bate Feenstra 74 slid up the inside of Marco Kandt 67 as Marco Falkena 151 and Jac Tesselaar 440 duked it out in the latter stages with Tesselaar getting the better of Falkena to take third.

Bert de Vries 20 dominated the Blauwhuis Queen's Day meeting. Photo Colin Casserley

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