Birmingham – October 23rd 2010 Meeting Report

The latest round of the 2010 BriSCA F1 National Points Shootout drew around 45 cars to a damp Birmingham Wheels on October 23rd, including three visitors from the Netherlands plus raffle winner 500 Keith Theakston on his debut in Carl Pickering’s car. 217 Lee Fairhurst was in dominant form, the young blue top racing to a heat and Final double.

Carl Pickering 141 raffle winner Keith Theakston 500. Photo Colin Casserley

24 cars lined up for heat one with 431 Ian Bond’s classic machine the first to spin on the tricky surface as 253 Rob Brathwaite, so impressive on his previous Wheels appearance in the summer, led off. 191 Josh Smith and 480 Dan Fox were hitting everything in sight, the latter displaying an unorthodox yet spectacular driving style. Further back 280 Colin Nairn tangled with 4 Dan Johnson sending 11 Neil Scriven into the banking as Fox launched a kamikaze attack on 22 Will Yarrow who would prove to be on the receiving end for much of the night.

BriSCA F1 stock car Neil Scriven 11 comes to grief. Photo Steve Botham

BriSCA F1 stock car Scott Davids 462 also comes to grief. Photo Paul Tully

55 Craig Finnikin had made lightning progress from red top and took the lead from Braithwaite before Fox’s wild run ended when he lost a wheel to bring out the yellows. As the caution flags flew 212 Danny Wainman burst a tyre and clipped the already retired 43 Martyn Bamford as he slid onto the centre. The restart saw Finnikin pull clear of the chasing Yarrow to take the win, 51 Dylan Williams-Maynard holding off 53 John Lund for third.
55 – 22 – 51 – 53 – 12 – 253 – 2 – 321 – 85 – 60

BriSCA F1 Heat winner Craig Finnikin. Photo Colin Casserley

21 cars for the second heat with the ultra smart machine of 149 Marc Radforth leading the early laps as Fairhurst and 259 Paul Hines put in much of the bumperwork in the pack. 390 Stuart Smith was an early retirement as brother 1 Andy became embroiled in a great scrap with Hines and 16 Matt Newson with 464 Luke Davidson joining in the closing stages. This allowed those ahead of them to fight for the lead with track specialist 153 James Lund taking it up but on the last bend Fairhurst launched a textbook lunge and got through for the win, 84 Tom Harris in third.
217 – 153 – 84 – 515 – 107 – 488 – 149 – 259 – H365 – 14

BriSCA F1 stock car Lee Fairhurst 217 reeling in James Lund 153 in front of a packed straight. Photo Paul Tully

BriSCA F1 stock cars James Lund 153 and Lee Fairhurst 217. Photo Paul Tully

BriSCA F1 stock cars Tom Harris 84 and Frankie Wainman jnr 515. Photo Colin Casserley

22 cars for the consolation with Bond hooking up with H482 Peter van den Bosch and 393 Dave Plumbley early on to go into the wall and cause a stoppage. Fox led the restart until Davidson took over, but the latter would drop back in the closing stages and it was Newson who took up the running as 322 James Neachell hit the spun Theakston ho was clearly enjoying his debut. Johnson almost crashed into them before dropping back with a quick spin as Newson took the win on the road only to fail the pre-race weight check, leaving Davidson the victor from H247 Gary Castell and Johnson.
464 – H247 – 4 – 41 – 73 – 462 – 480 – 214 – 91 – 191

BriSCA F1 Stock car Luke Davidson 464 overtakes Scott Davids 462. Photo Steve Botham

Consolation winner Luke Davidson 464 alongside Gary Castell 247. Photo Paul Tully

Tensions were clearly running high among the Shootout contenders as the 31-car Final got under way, with Andy Smith the first to strike with a massive hit to launch John Lund who was the collected by Johnson. 41 Robert Broome tangled with 73 Rob Cowley as Braithwaite took Radforth for the lead, while 462 Scott Davids was next to fall as he tangled with 214 Adam Slater. 107 Lee Robinson then T-boned 73 Rob Cowley with the pair spinning 91 Tony Smith as they tried to rejoin, while Fox’s wayward style caught him out as he slid wide at turn three and crashed into John Lund’s parked car.

BriSCA F1 Lee Fairhurst 217 overtakes Rob Braithwaite 253. Photo Colin Casserley

Braithwaite held the lead beyond half distance but Fairhurst was again making great progress and took 488 Mike Kingston and the white top in rapid succession, going on for his second win with Harris roaring through in the closing stages to take second and Braithwaite confirming his talent with a very impressive third. The focus, however, was on the battle behind them as Junior and Andy Smith duked it out together with Yarrow, the World Champion launching a huge lunge at Junior into the last bend sending the 515 car into Yarrow. The latter was sent crashing into the parked cars of Fox and John Lund for an explosive conclusion to an excellent race.
217 – 84 – 253 – 1 – 55 – 2 – 259 – 515 – 12 – 153

Shootout competitors coming out of the turn three abreast in the Grand National. Photo Paul Tully

29 cars returned despite the slightly late hour for the Grand National with Theakston’s race ending on the rolling lap after an accomplished performance in his earlier races. Braithwaite took Radforth for the early lead and they enjoyed a good battle until 85 Iain Holden took over. Junior then got caught up with Finnikin with 321 Ed Neachell spinning in avoidance, and with the two cars stuck together a caution was called to the cheers of the Smith supporters as Junior was out of the restart. The resumption of racing lasted just one turn before James Lund hooked up with Kingston and rolled onto his roof for another stoppage, during which the Smith fans were silenced as Andy pulled off with a puncture. Lund was out and OK and the next restart would see the race run the distance, Yarrow initially taking the lead from Holden but Harris was displaying his usual rapid Birmingham form and the British Under-25 champion came through to lead with five to go and went on to win. Yarrow and Hines were his placemen while the unlucky Holden was spun by Newson on the final bend.
84 – 22 – 259 – 16 – 107 – 462 – 217 – 2 – 464 – 12

BriSCA F1 stock car Paul Hines 259 bypasses Iain Holden 85. Photo Colin Casserley

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