Birmingham – November 20th 2010 Meeting Report

The last tarmac meeting of the 2010 season saw thirty-four cars travel to Birmingham. This included some new faces to BriSCA F1 stock cars. BriSCA f2 drivers Andy Palmer (506), Sam Wagner (423), Jon Lawrence (399) and James Rogers (262) were all out to have a go as was ex-ministocker Robert Griffin (166) in Dylan Williams-Maynard’s car. Of the four f2 drivers, only Andy Palmer has ever raced an F1 before, in a Willie Peeters car at the first ever Emmen meeting. Richard Simmons (123) was present in the pits but did not make a trackside appearance.

BriSCA F1 stock car driver Andy Palmer (506) in the Danny Wainman (212) car. Photo Colin Casserley

Grand National Championship grid 2010. Photo Paul Tully

The first race was to be the Grand National Championship race, open to those who have scored the most points in the season in Grand Nationals. With this race being at the end of season only half of the top ten were present racing and unfortunately, only fifteen cars took part with the highest point scorers at the front; Andy Smith (1) and Tony Smith (91). This was to be Tony’s only race of the night as he was loaning his machine to Wagner (423). At the green, as the cars tore out of turn three, Frankie Wainman jnr (515) got on the back of Mike Kingston jnr (488) shoving him hard into Andy Smith, t-boning him completely as the trio slammed into the armco on the exit of turn four.

First bend of the Grand National Championship. Photo Paul Tully

Smith and Wainman go out of the Grand National Championship 2010. Photo Paul Tully

Frankie Wainman jnr and Andy Smith get back in the race. Photo Paul Tully

As Wainman jnr and Smith manouevered themselves back into the race, they raced together while the rest of the field raced round the opposing bend. Wainman jnr gave Smith a hit from his bumper but it was not long before Smith was pulling away. At the halfway point Tony Smith retired and Scott Davids (462) was the leader, but had Matt Newson (16) reeling him in. With five laps to go, Newson moved Davids aside and it was not long before James Neachell (322) in the old Elite sent Davids wide with a thump to take second. Matt Newson went on to smoke his tyres in celebration of the win.
16 – 322 – 462 – 37 – 1 – 53 – 212 – 515 – 161 – 191

BriSCA F1 stock car Grand National Championship winner Matt Newson (16). Photo Colin Casserley

Heat one of the meeting proper soon followed, with Rich Masterson (103) taking the lead. Mick Harris (8) in an ebullient mood, barged through the Yellow grades, scattering them, while lone superstar grade Andy Smith made quick progess through the field. Harris bumpered Ian Stirk aside as Dean Whitwell (195) took up the running at the front, with Masterson going in with his bumper to reclaim the place, with Whitwell avoiding. At this point, the yellow flags came out for a collision involving Ian Stirk and Chris Cowley (37) with Stirk spectacularly rolling down the backstraight.

BriSCA F1 stockcar Iain Stirk (65) takes a look at the track from a different angle. Photo Paul Tully

BriSCA F1 stock car Iain Stirk (65) keeps on rolling. Photo Paul Tully

Iain Stirk (65) rolling at Birmingham alongside Chris Cowley (37). Photo Paul Tully

This closed the field right up, with Cowley in his father Rob’s (73) red and black ‘Butnoweiser’ car continuing at the rear with his mangled wing. At the off, Cowley zipped up the order as second place Harris stuck the bumper into Leader Whitwell with Andy Smith in third, capatilising and slipping through to take a lead he would not relinquish. Further back, Andy Palmer (506) had a tentative nibble at Cowley and as the two went into turns one and two together, white grader Steve Reedman (361) went flying in with his bumper, sending both out to the fence with Cowley getting pinned against the armco by Palmer. As the trio got back into the race, the red mist descended for Cowley and he tore down the backstraight, going for a massive kamikaze lunge on White grader Reedman. Cowley missed completely, flying straight on to splatter himself against the turn three fence much to the crowd’s delight.
1 – 8 – 161 – 262 – 195 – 223 – 506 – 361 – 399 – 103

BriSCA F1 debuts for Jon Lawrence (399) and Robert Griffin (166) in heat one. Photo Colin Casserley

Heat two in the two thirds format saw four novices at the rear; including ex-ministocker James Harrison (297) and ex-speedway racer Nigel Harrhy (45) in their first time out in an F1 stock car. Terry Pearce (234) and Rob Harrad (258) made up the front row with Pearce leading them away. Harrad soon came to grief, ending his night of racing in the turn three fence alongside Mike Kingston jnr (488) and Steve Reedman (361) with Mark Allen (161) piling in after. The yellow flags were soon shown with Harrad’s car making a horrendous noise when he pulled onto the safety of the infield.

BriSCA F1 stock car driver James Rogers 262. Photo Colin Casserley

Pearce led them away again with Scott Davids (462) getting straight into James Rogers (262) in the Lee Robinson (107) car. Rich Masterson briefly claimed the lead, before being overhauled by James Neachell (322). Matt Newson hit Pearce, then nerfed him aside, as not long after, Danny Wainman (212) thumped James Rogers (262), sending him out to connect with Newson and Frankie Wainman jnr claimed the third spot behind Scott Davids. Neachell had sped off, extending quite a lead and was not to be reeled in before he took the chequered.
322 – 515 – 16 – 462 – 212 – 53 – 262 – 191 – 234 – 372

BriSCA F1 stock cars of Josh Smith (191) and Ian Venables (60). Photo Paul Tully

Heat three saw Andy Smith move quickly ahead of the reds as Richard Regan (428) initially led them away. Mick Harris and James Neachell vyed for position with Terry Pearce being unfortunate enough to be sandwiched between the pair before clattering into the homestraight fence. The quick Neachell took up the running with Danny Wainman slipping into second after moving beyond Mick Harris. Harris then stuck the bumper back into Wainman in an attempt to regain his place but had Andy Smith lurking just behind. Soon after, Smith bumpered Harris aside with a few laps left to go. Harris had a tentative nudge back at Smith but was unable to match his turn of speed and had to settle for his fourth place.
322 – 212 – 1 – 8 – 16 – 515 – 191 – 53 – 223 – 462

BriSCA F1 stock car James Neachell 322 had a successful night winning two heats. Photo Colin Casserley

The final saw twenty five cars take to the track to form a closed grid with James Harrison and Rob Farrell (470) making up the first row. Farrell led them away while Regan had a minor connection with the infield grass banking. Frankie Wainman jnr sent Chris Cowley flying into Scott Davids with a hefty hit as Mike Kingston jnr thumped Garry Townsend (223) out into James Harrison. Andy Smith and Matt Newson (16) were making their way quickly through the field with Wainman jnr being on a mission himself, making his way into third place in the early stages. Neachell and Newson tangled on four as Wainman jnr bumpered second place Townsend aside to take his place before quickly moving on to take on leader Reedman to take up the running himself.

BriSCA F1 World Champion Andy Smith (1) bypasses Steve Reedman (261). Photo Colin Casserley

BriSCA F1 stock car James Harrison 297's debut meeting. Photo Colin Casserley

Andy Smith was no slouch in bypassing backmarkers, nor steaming passed Reedman who gave him a hit back but was unable to regain his place. This meant the order was Wainman followed by Smith at the front. Smith continued reeling in Wainman jnr and it was obvious that Smith was going to go for a hit once no backmarkers were between the two. Going into the last bend, Frankie Wainman jnr came up behind lap down James Harrison and as Wainman jnr went in with a hit, Smith went in on Wainman jnr sending Harrison scuttling into the fence and Wainman jnr out so wide that Smith nipped through on the inside, to take the flag and onto celebrate his 99th Final win. White grader Steve Reedman successfully held on to claim fifth place in what had been a sterling performance from the lower grader.
1 – 515 – 462 – 322 – 361 – 212 – 161 – 372 – 53 – 191

Ailsa Haigh

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