Belle Vue – April 1st 2013 Meeting Report

After the Friday Skegness meeting and Stoke on Saturday it was back to the Bank Holiday Monday Startrax meeting at Kikmanshulme Lane Belle Vue.


A slightly depleted 22 cars in attendance led to a 2 heat, Final and Grand National All In format but the racing proved fast and furious at the tight Belle Vue track

Heat One started firstly with an aborted start but on the second green flag the field sped off with the first victims to the fence being 169 Billy Johnson and 45 Nigel Harrhy ending up in the Tote bend fence, 198 Nigel Whalley was the man on the move but the yellows were soon out after 312 Ed Neachall did a spectacular half roll over, the car then self righting and flames appearing from the underneath of the car, fast action from the track staff and entinguisher soon had it out. On the re-start it was 351 john Frost from 256, 515, 1, 446 and 462. On the re-start 1 Fairhurst was spun and 515 Wainman took a good lead to the finish followed by 207 Hurdman from 212 Danny Wainman.


Heat 2 saw 45 Harrhy taking to the infield with again Whalley making fast progress in the early stages. 51 Maynard, 462 Davids and Fairhurst were soon in the Tote bend fence with Maynard and Fairhurst soon getting going, mean while Harrhy had re-joined from the centre. At the halfway 321 Neachell was leading from Whalley, from 303 Mosley and 515 Wainman. Whalley moved Neachell aside but Neachell then returned the favour the top 4 then remaining the same till the finish.


The final brought out 20 cars including 191 Josh Smith who had had a diff change in the pits prior to the final. In the early stages Neachell and Davids were soon in the Tote fence whilst Whalley had made his way to the lead. Yellows on lap 6 due to Mosley stranded in the fence meant on the re-start it was Whalley from 191 Josh Smith, Maynard, Billy Johnson from Fairhurst and 515 Wainman with a lap down 321 and 215 in the middle of these. A few changes occurred but Wainman was on one of his charges ending up the Final winner from Josh Smith and Whalley in 3rd, Whalley doing very well as the car was boiling for the last 3 laps.


The Grand National had 303 Mosley leading from the off behind Wainman, Mosley was looking very quick and leading from the off from most of the race and at halfway it was Mosley from Fairhurst, 169 Johson and Maynard 4th. Maynard ended up spinning on the main straight whilst Fairhurst was chasing down Mosley. With 3 laps to go Fairhurst bumpered Mosley aside but in a move we are coming to expect from Mosley on the next bend Mosley then bumpered Fairhurst aside. It came down to the last bend with Mosley stuck behind a white top Fairhurst put the bumper in, sending Mosley to the infield, Fairhurst half spinning in the bend but recovering to the chequered chased by Mosley recovering from the in field to second place.







A fine finish to the Bank Holiday Brisca F1 circus and onto next weekend to Coventry for round 2.

Andy Armer

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