Belle Vue, 25th May 2015 – Meeting Report and Photo Gallery

Just twenty-eight cars for this Spring Bank Holiday Monday meeting, the last one before the BV summer break. A two-thirds format was the order of the day and 18 cars gridded for Heat One with Daniel van Spijker (231) starting from the back in what could be a new car.

Mark Clayton (225) made a return to racing in this one but soon tangled with Mark Poole (276) while Jack France (216) continued his impressive form out in front. Mick Sworder (150) finished up in the third bend fence in a tangle with 215 and 276. Sworder visited the fence again on the pit bend before being re-introduced to the third bend wires courtesy of Nigel Whalley (198). France pulled out a healthy lead but Mat Newson (16) began to close the gap rapidly as the track dried out.

With five to go, Newson tapped the white top wide for the lead but going down the back straight for the last time the 16 car erupted in smoke and flames. He coasted around to the home straight, beckoning PJ Lemons (444) to push him over the line – Lemons duly obliged, but Danny Wainman (212) saw what was happening and nipped around the outside of both of them, just getting to the line inches ahead of Newson.


After fighting his way to the front, Mat Newson suffered major engine issues and lost out to Danny Wainman.

Nineteen cars for Heat Two, led away by Mike Heywood (424). Sworder spun on the pit bend, Billy Johnson (169) gnashed the fence and the yellows waved for 276, stuck mid-track on the third and fourth bends. At the restart Speak and FWJ (515) had a private tussle joined by 150. Positions lower down the grid changed frequently as Ben Riley (422) took over the hot spot but as the track dried again, Nigel Green (445) annexed the lead and held it to the flag, with Speak moving Riley out on the last bend to grab second.


Speak’s last bend move on Riley to claim second.

Heywood again led off the 17 car Heat Three. Riley pulled off before the start and at the green flag the cars of Clayton and Smith (91) took to the centre. Dave Willis (337) took command as Wainman (515) appeared to struggle on the bends. Whalley closed on 337 as Speak closed on the both of them. Whalley gave Willis the big heave-ho entering the third bend to take the lead with Speak right on his tail, then suffered the same fate on the last lap as the local superstar potted him wide on the pit bend. Speak first, Whalley second and Willis third, with Rob handing his winner’s trophy to one of the banger drivers lined up for the next race!

Twenty-five cars lined up for the Mike Parker Memorial Trophy Final and on a slippy track, several cars struggled to even cross the line. 424, 225 and 134 conspired to charge the pit bend fence as Jack France (216) took the lead, from 276 and 220. Sworder and Speak swapped positions, the 150 car being propelled fencewards by Speak but making a swift recovery to repay the compliment next time around. France led but Sworder was already up to third, while Speaky retired.

Mark Poole (276) now held a small lead over 445,150 and 515 but Sworder lost it on the pit bend. Poole lost his way, handing the top spot to Green with FWJ second until an attempt to remove a back-marking Whalley went completely wrong, leaving the Silsden man stuck on the apex of the third and fourth bends. Shortly after, Poole despatched Bryan (238) hard into the fence, snapping off a post and bringing out the yellow flags.

After a lengthy delay, the race resumed with Green in front from Sworder and Wainman (212). Green kept his cool over the remaining laps to keep a gap between himself and his pursuers to claim victory.


Nigel Green (445) held off Sworder and Wainman to take the meeting final.

Seventeen cars rolled out for the Grand National and despite an early visit to the fence with John Dowson Junior (94), Sworder was on a mission. Final winner Green uprooted a fence post on the pit bend necessitating a caution period before racing resumed with Willis in front and Dowson giving the 212 car some stick. The 337 pilot tried hard to repel Sworder’s intentions until he spun out, leaving Sworder to take victory. Fairhurst (217) attempted to move 94 and 212 in the closing stages with a big hit, succeeded and then spun onto the infield. Dowson got the better of Danny for second with Willis coming home fourth.


Dowson and Wainman battle for second spot in the GN.

Words: Mick Jenkins
Photos: Colin Casserley












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