2009 Under 25’s Championship – Race Report

Photo Colin Casserley.

Photo Colin Casserley.

Coventry 5th September 2009 – The first race of the night was the Under Twenty-fives Championship Race. A highly prized race open to all BriSCA F1 Drivers under the age of twenty-five.

Mark Williamson (111) and Luke Dennis (192) as the only two white grades headed the grid with Nine yellow grades behind, a lone Blue and Seven Reds, Sadly Lee Dimmick would not be taking part, retiring to the infield before the rolling lap.

Mark Williamson took the early lead, while red grade Joe Booth (446) launched an early attack onto Ed Neachell (321) going into the opening turn. Liam Brown (90) gave it just a little much wellie coming onto the back straight and spinning causing Neil Scriven (11) to dive onto the infield to avoid. Luke Dennis was the next to be over-keen on the throttle, spinning up on turn four. Mark Williamson bagged a prize by leading the opening lap with Ryan Harrison (197) closing down on him fast. Spencer Taylor (498) was the next one to go spinning out on turn one, quickly followed by Richard Bryan (238) spinning on three and four and collecting Ike Parkinson (254).

Red graders Dan Johnson (4) and Matt Newson (16) were having there own battle as they worked their way towards the front. Tom Harris (84) meanwhile, was applying pressure to Steve Malkin jnr (308) which saw them coming together along the back straight; Tom losing much time and vital speed. Ryan Harrison by this point had taken the lead where he remained unchallenged for the remainder of the race and bagging extra prize money in way of laps led.

Behind him, the order was: 158 – 16 – 4 – 446 – 321 – 107 – 212.

Daniel Wainman (212) increasing his speed, entered turn one too fast losing the back end. Mark Williamson who appeared to be pacing himself with Daniel, followed suit in a carbon copy of Wainman’s spin. Next to over do it was second place James Clement (158) entering turn one too fast, being drawn off wide and opening up the inside line for Matt Newson and Dan Johnson to nip in and begin chasing down the out front race leader. Dan Johnson hassled Newson down the back straight, Newson got the line wrong going into three and Johnson took second place with Newson retiring from the race. Ed Neachell put the bumper into the rear of Joe Booth going into turn one successfully taking the place with Lee Robinson (107) also taking advantage. Ed was quickly under attack himself from Robinson who passed Neachell and moved swiftly into third place.

As the race drew to a close Ryan Harrison was safely out front with back marker Spencer Taylor between himself and second place man Daniel Johnson.

Result: 197 – 4 – 107 – 321 – 446 – 84 – 12 – 158 – 54 – 212

Report by : Stephen Cording


Winner (£500) – Ryan Harrison 197
Second (£300) – Dan Johnson 4
Third (£150) – Lee Robinson 107

4th to 10th (£45, £30, £25, £20, £20, £15, £15) – 321, 446, 84, 12, 158, 54, 212

Lap Leaders (£25 per lap) – 111 (4 laps £100) & 197 (12 laps £300)

Fastest Lap (£35) – 107 (16.27 seconds)

Grade Awards (£50 each) – 446 , 321 , 158 , 111

Last Finisher (£20) -111

9th place on Lap 9 (£100) – 12

Unluckiest Driver “Sponsored by Beefy, chosen by DebbieDoodar” (£20) – 459

Wheel from B&K Services – 158

£50 voucher NFR Racewear – 321

Hoosier Tyre – 111

2 Crates of Beer:
6th on lap 6 – 321
7th on lap 14 – 12

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