5 Minute Interview – Ben Hurdman


Full Name: Ben Hurdman

Nickname: I don’t really have one, although the team say I’m pretty useless at the whole mechanicing side of the sport so I’d go for useless!

Personal Road Car(s): Peugeot 107

Dream Personal Car: Ferrari Enzo

Favourite Music Group: Elton John, Queen but all sorts really.

Favourite TV Show: Corrie and Eastenders

Favourite Sports Team: I have a look at the Villa results but F1’s are my only real sporting interest

Superstitions at the Race Track / Garage: I don’t really have any, apart from there are a few songs I’ll turn off the radio when we’re on the way to meetings because I think they bring me bad luck. Mad I know!!

How did you become interested in F1’s: I Raced autograss for 10 years and have known ex F1 driver Hoss Ferniough for a long time

Best race you’ve ever seen and why?: British Final 2011, Paul Harrison drove an absolute blinder, spinning at the start and then making his way back up the field to win. The last bender Stuart Smith tried was epic! Proper stockcar driving.

What prompted you to move into F1: I’d given up Autograss to set up my own business and because I was fed up with the petty politics of the sport. Me and Hoss had spoken about F1’s for a long time. He offered to help me out ALOT!! So thats how it began, and I’m so glad it did!

Tell us about your current car (History of – self build / purchased): I hired cars from Matt Newson a couple of times in 2011, I’d recommend anyone to do this, even if it’s a once in a lifetime thing you won’t regret it. We bought this one from Mark Woodhull for the 2012 season, to date it is my only car.

How would you describe driving a F1 compared to other race cars:,Totally different! I never imagined how different to Autograss it would be. But the first time I pulled on to the track at Coventry I wondered why on earth I hadn’t had a go at this before.

How would you describe racing in a F1 compared to other racing formula: I raced and won a little bit in autograss but driving a F1 is totally different, swapping to F1 is the best decision I’ve ever made. The drivers are friendly, and the fans are superb.

If you could bring One track back to race which one would it be and why: Well I’m relatively new to the sport so I don’t remember any older tracks. But speaking to friends they all seem to say the old Belle Vue was the place to race.

If you could change one thing in F1 racing, What would you change: Originally I said nothing, however thinking about it, it would be great if the fans came and said hello more. We don’t bite.

Years Racing (all formula): 2013 is my second full season of F1’s, plus 10 years of autograss before that.

Most memorable racing moment: Winning a Whites and Yellows race at Coventry in 2012, Hoss had sponsored the race and all the MHF staff were there. There was a waved yellow at about half way and I was leading. I looked to the starter and Hoss was stood just below him ready to give out the trophies. He gave me his usual ‘hand’ sign and I thought right I’ve got to win this. Going round on the back of the truck with him at Coventry is definitely a dream come true.

Most forgettable racing moment: It has to be the first coventry of this year. We’d done a lot of work on the car over the winter. It’s handling lovely, going well and then the engine blows. I came into the pits, revved it up and water shot out the carb! Not good.

Future racing plans: To get our new engine in and do as many meetings as possible.

If you weren’t racing you’d be doing what: I’d be in the pub

Racing Idols: Martin “Hoss” Fernihough from the past and people like Matt Newson, FWJ and Tony Smith for their dedication to the sport. Nige Harrhy’s also a complete legend! The most helpful bloke you will ever meet.

Favourite Track: For the occassion it’s got to be coventry. The place is a mecca for F1 fans. If my numbers come up on the lottery I’m going to buy the place 🙂 But I never seem to have much luck there. Kings Lynn has the best track surface I would say.

Engine Builder: The team look after the engine

Chassis Builder: Mark Woodhull

Team / Crew members: Hoss Fernihough (Financial Director) Rob McCarthy, Shane Jenkins and Mark Hobbins

Sponsors: MHF Truck Hire, Sales and Repairs, Andy Lee Transport and KS Coles

Thanks for asking me to do this interview. I’d like to thank everyone who helps me out In Brisca F1. It’s a fantastic sport full of great people.

Huge thanks to Andy Leviers for taking the time to do this 5 minute interview.

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