5 Minute Interview – #45 Nigel Harrhy

Nigel Harrhy 45 takes the trophy for his first win. Photo Steve Botham

Nigel Harrhy 45 takes the trophy for his first win. Photo Steve Botham

Full Name: Nigel Keith Harrhy

Nickname: Nige 45

Personal Road Car(s): Range Rover

Dream Personal Car: Ferrari, ANY Ferrari!

Favourite Music Group: Girls Aloud

Favourite TV Show: Friends

Favourite Sports Team: Coventry Bees.

Superstitions at the Race Track / Garage: Once on the track I keep scratching my nose. I wish I didn’t because it annoys me, but I cant stop! Must be nerves, lol

How did you become interested in F1?s: My Dad rode for Coventry Bees, so I have always been around Speedway and to the odd Stock car meeting. I always fancied a go, just could never afford it.

Best race you’ve ever seen and why?: World Final at Skegness last year, edge of your seat stuff all race!

What prompted you to move into F1: Gears and Tears

Tell us about your current car: I bought an FWJ that was a car Paul Hines had used and ran it on shale and Tarmac in 2011 and got too yellow.
Last year I bought Andy Smith’s Tarmac car when he retired and ran 2 cars, getting myself up to Blue grade.

How would you describe driving an F1 compared to other race cars: Awful! They are horrible cars to drive, they pull left, they lock wheels, they don’t turn, or they turn too much. But hey, you’re driving a V8 Stockcar, and the noise and speed and racing are why you do it.

How would you describe racing in an F1 compared to other racing formula: I jumped in at the deep end and went straight into F1s. I’m glad I did at my age (47 now), but I wouldn’t recommend it, I would recommend having a go in another formula first to be honest.

If you could bring one track back to race, which one would it be and why: Bradford. I love big fast tracks and a big fast shale track must be awesome to drive, lets hope it comes back one day.

If you could change one thing in F1 racing, what would you change: Tyres. You can only get one meeting out of a Tarmac tyre and to be competitive you need to keep replacing it. 1/2 the meetings during a season are Championship meetings, 1/2 are not. We should only be allowed a new tyre at a Championship meeting. And we should be allowed to put rear tyres on the front to get more use out of the tyre.

What is the most underrated thing in racing: The hits! You wouldn’t believe how hard those first few hits are. You are so scared about getting your next hit then too! You do get used to it after a year though and then you don’t seem to notice!

What is the most overrated thing in racing: Working on the car. It may seem like a couple of tyre changes but we spend hours in the week getting ready. Even small jobs like changing a gasket can take up a whole evening..

Years Racing (all formula): This will be my 3rd full year. I raced bikes when I was younger – 3 years MX, 3 years Speedway, and 3 years on Grasstrack, but I have never raced cars before.

Most memorable racing moment: Leading the final at Ipswich and getting passed by the Boss (FWJ) with 1/2 a lap too go.

Most forgettable racing moment: Lots! But leading at Belle Vue then running into the fence with 4 other cars piling into me and trashing my car was the one I would like to forget!

Future racing plans: I did a season on Tarmac with my Cecil car last year, but this year I will try it on shale and try the FWJ car on tarmac. I have a brand new engine coming for it in the next couple off weeks.

If you weren’t racing, you’d be doing what: I have been fishing competitively for the last 20 odd years and would still be doing that. I also run the UK Angling championships still.

Racing Idols: FWJ. Paul Harrison. Andy Smith.

Favourite Track: Coventry for shale. I was actually born on the farm right next door to the stadium. Skegness for Tarmac. My mum actually lives just down the road in Orby.

Engine Builder: MJA Race Engines in Bromsgrove.

Chassis Builder: I have an FWJ car and a Cecil car. The Cecil car was Andy Smith’s tar car,

Team / Crew members: Garry Lenton helps every week with welding and repairs. Garry raced for 18 years and has been a massive help. My lad, Jake (who had a Brisca mini for Christmas) and Bryan Makinson are fantastic. Also, my wife, Jeny, when she can get too meetings.

Sponsors: Barston Lakes, West Midlands Golf Club and The lake at Barston are our family business and I keep and work on the cars in our large workshops there. MJA Race Engines. Greene King, Alan Sturgess and The K Foundation.

That’s your 5 minutes up, thanks for talking with us today.
Keep turnin’ left and the gas on.

All the best for the coming season.

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