Winter Strip Down and Re-Build: Rob Harrad #258 Part 6

Here we are the final count down pictures, Photo 1 to 7 are the different angles of the new front axle using a home made beam rather than that of a transit van. This is very much on test thanks to the BSCDA who have given me permission to trial it.
I hope it all goes well as I think like garlic bread this could be the future.
The next set of photos are the engine and gear box going back in.

Unfortunately we missed our target to be out at Birmingham April 21st but we did make it the following Wednesday for a practice be it in the pouring rain. Everything went well and we will be making our 2012 racing debut at Coventry this Saturday which just leaves me once again to thank every one involved in team 258 – Wayne, Darrell, George, Jamie, Nicole, Martin for my web page and my lovely wife Jan who like all stock car drivers wives has to put up with an awful lot. And of course my Sponsors; Jones Tanker services, Potters Skip Hire, Kiltech, Alcoa, Dave the best man, B&K services and all the guys and gals from BSA Facebook who all donated to have there names put on the car and finally yourselves here at for running the diary for me over the winter without all you guy’s there would be no team 258 so Thank you and hopefully see you all Coventry.
Rob Harrad.

Follow the rebuild from Part 1 HERE.

New 'testing' Axle. Photo #1

Photo #2

Photo #3

Photo #4

Photo #5

Photo #6

Photo #7

Engine going back in.

Mr.V8 sitting tight.

Lining up inside cab.

Securing engine mounts.

In goes the Gearbox.

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