Stox Personality of the Year 2016: Nominee #2

Four personalities have been shortlisted for the 2016 Stox Personality of the Year award. This time, the nominees were chosen by last year’s winner, Frankie Wainman Junior.

One nominee will be announced each day – so make sure you keep checking the site! The first nomination was Mark Sargent.

How to vote

Once all nominations have been announced, you will be able to vote for your favourite via the website.

Voting will open on Saturday 10 December and will close at midnight on Saturday 17 December. The winner will be announced on Sunday 18 December.

Nominee #2: Nigel Harrhy


Broken cars, broken bones, broken dreams.

Six words that sum up the 2016 season for Nigel Harrhy, intrepid pilot of car 45 and a man who has experienced the highs and lows of stock car racing – often in just one meeting. He is probably the only driver to regularly post on the internet with blow by blow accounts of every race he competes in.

When asked about Nigel, Frankie Wainman Junior commented:

Nigel’s internet blogs are great for the fans. They offer a different angle and change how people look at the drivers, it shows we’re all human. Some of the stuff he puts on there makes me laugh – he has made plenty of mistakes! But Nigel puts it all out there for people to read and is as honest as the day is long. He enjoys his racing and always has a smile on his face. Even after breaking his shoulder at King’s Lynn, he was still laughing”.

As well as putting his tribute car on display at Coventry in January for the Nigel Boocock memorial service and again at the Autosport Show at the NEC, Nige took his car along to the Coventry Motofest in June, handing out “Save Coventry Stadium” flyers to the crowd and is always happy to promote the sport of stock car racing.


Nigel says he has had a year to remember – not sure I would want to remember chest and rib injuries or a broken shoulder blade, not to mention that fiery incident at King’s Lynn when his petrol tank was ripped out of the car, but he keeps on coming back for more.

His faith in the sport took a severe knock at the Hednesford qualifying round in April 2016 when, having never finished a race there before he went out and won the final, cheered all the way by fans who know a trier when they see one. That win would have given Nige the coveted red roof of a star grade driver, a semi-final place and just maybe a place on the grid for the last ever Coventry World Final. Alas let the records show that our Nige was robbed by post-race scrutineering – repairs in the early hours of the Sunday morning following a heavy collision with the unforgiving fence at Brum the night before had rendered the car underweight and 45 was disqualified.

Rules are rules but it was a cruel blow and one that left Nigel seriously thinking of packing it all in. Thankfully he was persuaded to continue racing and had a good run on the shale over the last weeks of the 2016 season. Preparations are already underway for 2017 and like many of us, Nigel is relieved that we seem to have Coventry Stadium back for another year at least. How good would it be to see Nigel take a final win on the Brandon shale?

With son Jake now racing in the V8 class, Team Harrhy are in for another hard, hectic year but whatever happens you can be almost assured of a hearty welcome and a handshake at the 45 transporter – and maybe a sweetie or two as well!


Words: Mick Jenkins
Photos: Colin Casserley & Mick Jenkins

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