Racing Around The World: Pennsylvania, New Jersey & New York

This journey takes us to Pennsylvania, New Jersey & New York.

Bedford Fairgrounds: Pennsylvania

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The half mile semi-banked dirt speedway is in the town of Bedford.
108 Telegraph Road, Bedford, PA 15522.
On approaching the fair grounds the first entrance on the left is for spectators, with the pits entrance just a little further up the road.
There is ample car parking. Behind and to the side of the main grandstand on the home straight. It would appear that parking was quite free and easy and those opting for track side parking can do so easily and with out charge.

Plenty of free track side parking.

To the left of the main grand stand there are the more traditional wooden bleachers. While the food outlets are to the rear of the main grand stand.

The main pit area is on the infield of the track, which sits lower than the track so viewing is not obscured.

The Winged 410 Sprint Cars which are known locally as ‘The Posse’ in relation to the long standing state rivalry with the ‘World of Outlaws’ Winged 410 Sprint Cars. When the Outlaws come to town, the Posse come out to defend their turf. A great, historic Winged Sprint Car rivalry that is as strong today as was in yesterday. Unfortunately on my visit just as hot-laps for the sprints were about to start, the rain that had threatened to fall ‘somewhere’ fell. This was no light shower but a downpour.
The track staff and promotion kept the fans fully informed to what they saw on the weather radar and how much water the track could take, once the rainfall exceeded this amount the promotion quickly called the race and Rain Checks Policy came into force.
So our 9 hour drive through four states ended without even a hot lap being run.

Roaring Knob Motorsports Complex: Pennsylvania 

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Up in the mountains of Pennsylvania state (and I mean up in the mountains) is Roaring Knob Motorsports Complex.
308 Fearer Road, Markleysburg, PA 15459.
The car park offers spectacular views.

Not a bad view from the car park.

The track itself is set down in a one sided basin with the basin side offering a huge viewing area, with unrestricted viewing of the entire 3/8 mile semi-banked clay track. With the choice to sit on the hill side bleachers or on your own chair.

Roaring Knob from the hill.

Race Control, track shop and main food outlet are all housed with the same smart dark wooden building which just fit’s in perfectly with the overall location.

Roaring Knob from the main seating area.

There is also a small go-kart oval for budding race fans. The grassed areas were well maintained, the pathways clean and also well maintained.

I spoke with a variety of staff during the meeting (track staff, officials, retail, even the gardener!) All of whom were polite and very welcoming and obviously proud of their track. A wonderful speedway.

I was treated to a fantastic Late Model show, which was part of the Appalachian Mountain tour.

Grand View Speedway: Pennsylvania 

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Another track on top of a hill, but far from being out in the middle of nowhere this NASCAR affiliated dirt oval sits within the town of Bechtelsville (at the top of the hill).
43 Passmore Road, Bechtelsville, PA 19505.
Grandview is a 1/3 mile high banked clay oval.

Grand View Speedway

Extensive wooden bleachers flank the track from the mid-point of turn three, around turn four, along the home straight and into turn one. These high bleachers offer unhindered viewing of the entire track and it’s dark dirt surface.

The Track from turns 1 & 2.

The pits area are behind turn one. They are paved, quite large and what I would call ‘safer pits’ not that any working pit area should be thought of as risk free. But I would feel quite at ease to escort (behaved) children around to pick up a drivers tee, grab an autographed and take photos.

The view from our seats in the bleachers.

Lincoln Speedway: Pennsylvania


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The first point of interest about this 3/8 mile semi-banked clay speedway is that it has two main entrances and two cars parks at either side of the track behind the turns 1 – 2 and 3 – 4.
800 Racetrack Road, Abbottstown, PA 17301
Lincoln is a weekly Wing Sprint Car Track it’s Red Clay and paper clip in style, oh yes bring it on !

A view of the track from our seats on the exit of turn 4.

Along the entire home straight viewing is from concrete bleacher steps. The back few rows are season long reserved spaces.

On my visit it was not for a Winged Sprint Car (Posse) Show but for a rare track appearance for the Late Models (again a part of the Appalachian Mountain Tour)

Again the track staff were polite, helpful and very interested in having English race fans in attendance, to the extant that the promoter went though the reserved seating allocation and offered our party ‘reserved’ seating she knew would be available as she had spoken to those race fans and knew that they were not coming to that evening’s show (die hard Winged Sprint Fans).

A great track with great racing.


New Egypt Speedway: New Jersey


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Across the border and into New Jersey. It’s quite hard to recall to much about this area as a member of our party is a huge Bruce Springsteen fan, and just about everything in New Jersey has some kind of link to the Boss including State Road 9.

New Egypt is a half mile, slightly banked clay tri-oval.
720 Route 539, New Egypt, NJ 08533

But before you reach the track on the right is this…

And if you don’t stop, then frankly your quite quite bonkers !!!

The track is just a little further down the road on the left, and on arrival you can’t help be impressed with the main entrance. The rest of the speedway is also of this high standard with modern new toilets, food outlets, track shop.

The main entrance.

Viewing is from aluminium bleachers along the home straight, these in line with the rest of the facility are excellent and offer perfect viewing. At various points around the track there is also standing viewing areas.

The view from our seats.


Big Diamond Speedway: Pennsylvania


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Back into Pennsylvania and back into the woods and mountains and out the way tracks.
392 Forest Lane, Pottsville, PA 1790


It really is off the beaten track, a mining dirt road takes you up to the 1/3 mile semi-banked clay track.

Similar to Roaring Knob with the track being set down and hill side viewing.

Big Diamond Speedway.

An interesting feature to this track is just outside of turns three and four, what you may at first mistake for bushes……Those aren’t bushes, but the tops of trees !!!

The view from our seats.

Big Diamond has a reputation of being a dusty track, and on our visit it sure did live up to that reputation during the feature – Have post race eye wash ready and take your dust glasses. But don’t let that put you off the racing from the USAC Sprints was fast and furious.


Port Royal Speedway: Pennsylvania


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In the small town of Port Royal (again which seems to be on top of a mountain), you take a side street and there stands the fairground!
302 W 6th Street, Port Royal, PA 17082

The road that leads to the Speedway.

A classic half mile fairground track with massive bleachers and huge grassed infield.

Port Royal Speedway.

On race night it would appear that every member of this small community turns out for the racing, the bleachers were rammed and I could quite easily over hear the excited local race fans expectations of seeing the USAC Non-Wing Sprint Cars on their once a year visit. Many saw them last year and this year brought a friend!

The USAC Non-Wing Sprints brought out the entire town, and the next town as well !!

The track announcer done a fantastic job of building up the non-wing sprints, explaining the differences that this mainly (solely) Winged Sprint Crowd was about to see.

The excitement from the crowd following hot laps was contagious.


Utica Rome Speedway: New York


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In up state New York is Utica Rome half mile semi-banked speedway, just off the main road is a large grassed car parking area.
5591 State Road 5, Vernon, NY 13476

Utica Rome Speedway

On entering the speedway you walking into the main fan congregation area, that is fully paved. With food outlets, toilet blocks and bars.

Finished with his day job at Pocono Smoke had an evening of Winged Sprint Car Racing lined up.

New York

New York

Stephen Cording 2012

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