Personality of the Year 2015: Nominee 1

Six drivers have been shortlisted for the 2015 Stox Personality of the Year award.

One nominee will be announced each day for the next 6 days – so make sure you keep checking the site!

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Once all nominations have been announced, you will be able to vote for your favourite via the website.

Voting will open on Monday 14 December and will close at midnight on Saturday 19 December. The winner will be announced on Sunday 20 December.


Nominee 1: Dylan Williams-Maynard


Popular on track and off, #51 Dylan Williams-Maynard.

Was it a memorable year for Dylan Williams-Maynard? Memorable is probably an understatement. First came six race wins in the first grading period and a promotion to superstar when the first grading list was published. Then he raised a smile when he dressed up as fellow racer Mark Sargent on the World Final parade lap, sporting a blonde wig and union jack bikini bottoms. Unfortunately, halfway through the same race, he suffered a nasty accident which resulted in a prolonged stoppage and a premature end to Dylan’s stock car career.

The first couple of months of 2015 saw the best results you’ve ever gained. Were you confident going into the season?

I wanted to have a good crack at it this year so there were a lot of garage hours in the winter trying to get two new cars together. The car that we bought for shale was an old tarmac car which needed a lot of work to make it comfortable, plus we had to get a brand-new tarmac car ready. It was a lot of man hours.

When racing started, the shale car was brand new to shale, the tarmac car was brand new completely, so I wasn’t really sure how good the cars were going to be on the surfaces that they were on. But luckily enough they were both great. After winning finals from red top, winning races starting from yellow should be a given. Some people thought I was undergraded, but I’ll start where they want me to and pick points up where I can!

Are you are one-man band when it comes to car preparation?

It’s not a one-man band, it’s a two-man band, me and my dad. We do everything on the cars, more or less. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had a lot of help from a lot of people. The tarmac car was assembled by Lee Fairhurst but the shale car was done completely on our own, it took all winter. Just the same as every other stock car driver, we’re in the garage on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and at the weekend if there’s no racing. I wouldn’t like to guess how much time we spent there over the winter, but it was quite a lot!

You had a memorable World Final for two reasons. First, the parade lap…

I think the World Final has lost a bit of the pantomime atmosphere that it used to have. I remember the days when Ian Higgins used to come out with silly big hand gloves on, or when Stuart Smith used to come out with his gold overalls. It’s a talking point. I’m the pit clown and I’m always trying to make people laugh, so I’d like to think that a few years on, people will say, “do you remember the time when Dylan Williams-Maynard came out dressed as a naughty policewoman or dressed as Mark Sargent?” If people laugh, they’re having a good time.


Dylan’s memorable World Final parade lap

Then there was the accident…

I remember everything. The throttle was sticking for about three laps, but not enough to warrant pulling off. I was riding into the corners and anchoring the brakes. Then the problem cleared and I managed to get back onto Sjeng Schmidt. But then going down the home straight it stuck again. By the time I’d realised it was happening, I was parked up on the fence. It was so quick. I remember thinking that I could aim for a tyre but it was pushing on, so I aimed for a place where I thought I wasn’t going to hurt anybody and hope for the best. It didn’t pay off!

I banged my knee and at first I just felt sick. I realised my leg was pinned on top of the gearbox. It looked a bit of a mess. The ambulance came over and they started to check my neck, and I said, “Just sort out my leg!” When they cut my overalls off they saw it was in a real state. The kneecap was smashed and they had to wire it together. There’s plenty of metal in there. I think Jamie Davidson would give me a couple of quid for it. The BSCDA still need to make sure the crumple zones are in the right place though!

I had no time to get changed out of my costume on the World Final grid and it wouldn’t have been very appropriate for me to get into my boxer shorts on the back straight, so when I got to the hospital and they told me they were going to cut the fireproof overalls off, I said, “Listen, I’ve got a pair of Union Jack bikini bottoms on.” They cut them off and I’ve never seen a look of such disappointment in all my life.

You have said that you would retire at the end of the season anyway. Has this brought about the end of your racing career slightly early?

The only reason I wanted to stop at the end of the year was to try and start living off my own back rather than out of Daddy’s pocket. However, I said I’d stop at the end of the year on my own terms. Having got hurt, I’d like to go back out and prove to people that I’m not scared and for a bit of closure. My heart always lies with F1, it’s what I’ve always done since I finished Ministox, but my missus, Lucy Ollerenshaw, and my uncle, Andy Maynard, both have V8 Hotstox, so I’ll probably be out one of them. But I guarantee that at some point next year I’ll be out in a F1 too.


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Interview with Dylan: Scott Reeves
Photos: Colin Casserley

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