Online Racing with World Champion Lee Fairhurst.

Lee Fairhurst recently took part in an online Race meeting for, here’s how he got on


You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression!!!


Tuesday the 19th of February was the date that we had set up for BriSCA F1s World Champion Lee Fairhurst to come along and have a go with us, and I bet even he couldn’t have dreamt of how well he would of done.


The idea of having Lee racing with us was originally planted by one of our regular racers, Glen Marshall, who has known Lee through his racing. To be honest none of us really thought he would be interested in racing with his hectic schedule of getting 2 cars ready for the NEC and the slight matter of racing in New Zealand! But when he agreed we couldn’t believe it. 2 cars were quickly painted courtesy of Dean Sewell and Lee was given a few practise sessions to get himself used to the way the cars drive and race. It was during one of these practise sessions that I first met Lee and realised that he can drive any car fast, be it a real one or not! In fact, the first practise session I raced against him, on the first lap of the first race, he bundled me straight into the fence, on questioning him about it after all he said was “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression” and I immediately thought to myself that only a full time racing nutter (oops, I mean F1 driver) would say something like that.




Race day soon came round and his first race was at Swaffham, Lee started 11th on the grid and ended up 4th, which is almost un heard of for a newcomer. He was racing tactically with the bumper, hitting hard enough to move the opponent, but not hard enough to ruin his race. Watching him, you could just tell he applies the same attitude to anything to do with racing. We ran a full meeting at Swaffham that night of 3 heats, Final and Grand National and although Lee never won any of the races, he came home a strong second in one of the heat races.


The second meeting of the night moved the action to Coventry where Lee seemed a bit more at home on the shale notching up a second, third and fifth in the heats. Points from all the racing up to that point were totalled up to give us a grid for the Supreme Championship, where I actually had to check the points twice because a certain newcomer was the top point scorer and was going to start on pole! Lee took his spot on the grid and the other 16 cars formed round about him. The green flag dropped and he shot into the lead, whilst behind him all hell was breaking loose. There was a fight for second place between 6 different cars which was getting pretty brutal, none of them willing to concede the position to each other. This meanwhile was playing into the hands of the leader who was calmly going about putting in quick lap after quick lap and extending that lead. This is where we found out the difference between a good driver and a great driver as when I led my first race when I joined, I was so nervous I couldn’t take the same line for each corner twice, I was bouncing off the fence and just generally showing my nerves to the others. Mr Fairhurst however looked like he was out for a Sunday drive, backmarkers, crashes, stricken cars; nothing could cause him to get flustered. And with this driving style, he went on to take the Supreme Championship from right under the noses of our regular racers!


After the racing was over and we had all congratulated and thanked Lee for his part in the race, I asked him what made him more nervous, the last few laps of the latest championship he had just won or the last 5 laps at Skegness back in September? He said it was obviously the championship he had just won! I know that was probably tongue in cheek, but I’m taking that as a victory for our kind of racing!


Now, if like Lee you fancy your chances of racing against us and taking away some prizes, then why not give it a go. I’m sure Lee will agree with me in saying we are all a friendly bunch that are just wanting a buzz from racing on a Tuesday night rather than watching Coronation Street! Just simply get yourselves signed up to the forum and them upgrade your membership to an online racer and all the files you need will become available. Feel free to ask any questions on the forum that you may have and we will do our best to help you out with getting started. We have a Facebook page as well- which is regularly updated with any news regarding our racing as well as all the happenings of racing at all 4 of Scotland’s real life tracks.


All that is left is for me to thank Lee for being such a good sport as well as Glen Marshall and Dean Sewell for the parts they played in getting Lee on track.


Now, get yourselves signed up for a few races and you never know, you may just get to race against stock car royalty as well!


Message from Lee-

The lads at couldn’t of been more helpful in getting me up and running with the game. Once we got going i really enjoyed the racing and also the banter between folk between the races was good. They appreciated that i had given up my time to race with them but i was looking forward to it and well, if its got wheels, i like to race it! If like me you haven’t raced online before and are thinking of doing it, all i can say is, get signed up because you’ll have more fun than you think!

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