Flashback Friday: The ‘New’ Belle Vue

The F1 season kicks off this Sunday at Belle Vue, Manchester, so we close the Flashback Friday series for 2015 with a look back at some of the action that has taken place at the stadium in recent years.


Two Kevs clash at the British Championship meeting in 2003.


Kev Smith (64) uses Kev Clare (194) as a launch pad.


Escape velocity reached.


Thrust rockets failed.


Crash landing, pit bend. 


Frankie Wainman, Jr (515) has won 21 finals at the “new” Vue. FWJ leads Paul Harrison (2), Craig Finnikin (55) and Neil Shenton (35) in 2011.


Frankie Wainman, Jr (515) and Mick Sworder (150) battle underneath the Manchester sun. The covered grandstand in the background is an indication that some of our race tracks have some of the best amenities in short track oval racing worldwide.


It doesn’t always go right for Frankie; a clash with Dave Willis (337) leaves him stranded with only two wheels left on his wagon.


Not even FWJ can win with only 2 wheels…


Frankie crashes into Rob Bradsell (265), May 2003.


Ed Neachell (321) nearly rolls his car at the April 2013 meeting.


Eliot Smith (293) in a Mat Newson (16) hire car. Eliot has since bought the ex-Will Yarrow (22) car – which should be out this weekend


A typical back straight melee, with Dan Johnson (4) in the middle of the action during the August 2013 meeting.


Steve Smith (40) and Richard Bryan (238) tangle in 2009.


Geoff Nickolls (215) rides the fence. He landed upside down.


Mal Brown (34) and New Zealander, Peter Rees (NZ3), in spectacular action. This is from August 2011.


Local man Steve Burgess (389) in action in 2002. Not sure who that is about to roll over… suggestions invited!


Phil Whittaker (88) goes for a wild ride down the back straight.


Dave Willis (337) gets a helping hand to climb out his machine, August 2007.


Ken Kelly (320) gives Mike Kingston (188) a helping hand, October 2006.


Nigel Harrhy (45) finds himself on his side at the November 2011 meeting.


Tom Harris (84) tries to demolish the front stretch fence. Fence master, Frankie Wainman, Sr is soon on hand to get the car extracted.


Rob Tunnah (505) lights up the Manchester skyline.


Piston Broke! Nick Marsh (200) throws a few rods and a piston through the side of the block.


Craig Finnikin (55) hitched a lift from Mal Brown (34).


New Zealander, Andy McCabe (NZ31), takes out Poms James Morris (463) and Martyn Walton (243).


Garry Fox (48) attempts to get back into the pit area during the race!


Rob Jacklin (137) slams into the stationary car of Ricky Wilson (502).


Belle Vue gets some great sideways racing; John Frost (351) leads Lee Fairhurst (217), Joe Booth (446) and Scott Davids (462).


Mat Newson (16) makes a long haul from Norfolk to every Belle Vue meeting. Here he is seen passing Steve Whittle (183).

Words and photos: Colin Casserley

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