Flashback Friday: The 2005 Season

As the 2015 season fast approaches, F1Stockcars.com rewinds 10 years, to 2005. It was the year that Tom Harris made his debut and that Frankie Wainman Junior claimed his second World Championship. Below are some photo highlights of the 2005 season.


Andy Smith (391) and Frankie Waiman Jr (515) were on the pole for the 2005 World Final – the first to be held at Northampton International Raceway


FWJ celebrates the World Final win with a very young Danny Wainman.


Paul Hines (259) won the European Championship in 2005


Frankie Wainman Jr (515) won the British Championship at Sheffield, with Mark Gilbank (21) as second and Stuart Smith Jr (390) third. Tom Harris (84) was fourth.


Mick Sworder (150) borrowed Mark Peters (231) car for a one-off meeting at Northampton, Mick found himself upside down in the final.


Tom Harris (84), Frankie Wainman Jr (515) and Ivan Pritchard (434) tangle and Northampton in October


Theo van Lier (H57) spins in front of Dave Willis (337). Theo was badly injured at Venray in 2014 and all the stock car family wish him well on his road to recovery.


Eric Brown (255) travelled down from Scotland to race at Coventry on several occasions in 2005, complete with Dr Who paint job.


Steve Hopkins (347) rolls after tangling with Tom Hamer (47) at Coventry.


Wayne Helliwell (261) tangles with Frankie Wainman, Sr (212) at Belle Vue.


Wayne Helliwell (261) in the thick of the action, this time at Buxton with Will Yarrow (22) and Gary Utley (484).


Action man Wayne Helliwell (261) once more, this time at King’s Lynn.


Ed Neachell (321) flips on his side at King’s Lynn.


Bill Morris (481) leads Howard Davis (327) and Tony Smith (91) down the dip at Mendips raceway.


Nick Houghton (293) lights the rear tyre at Mendips Raceway.


Nick Houghton (293) is launched sky wards after tangling with a marker tyre at Cowdenbeath.


A full field of cars, and packed grandstands await the off at Cowdenbeath.


The hairpin turn at Knockhill provided plenty of different lines.


Derek Fairhurst (218) finds the Knockhill triangle a little tricky.



World champ Peter Falding (1) and Points Champ Frankie Wainman Jr (515) at a sunny Ipswich.


Mark Gilbank (21) almost rolled after collecting a marker tyre at the British champs meeting.


Tom Harris (84) on the way to his first race win at Northampton’s April meeting.


Willem Koopmans (H37) almost slipping into the ditch at Sint Maarten.


Current BSCDA Chairman Anthony Flanagan (133) had a few outing in the Mark Holt-owned machine


Peter Falding (1) had a few outing in the Finnikin built machine. A favourite among the fans, but the car never achieved it’s potential.


Tom Harris (84) won two races at Hednesford – here he is seen leading the pack on a restart at the midland oval. A week later he won his first final at King’s Lynn; all within a month of his first F1 race.


Danny Clarke (203) won at Northampton in April, it was the last of his 30 final wins in a career that lasted from 1973 to 2007.


Mal Brown (34) and Martyn Bamford (43) tangle at Skegness, Bamford, in an ex John Lund car…


Bamford ended up on his side while Brown landed back on all four wheels.


Carlos Perez (305) rolled in spectacular fashion at the Northampton World Masters.


The first lap of the British championship at Sheffield provided plenty of action with many cars eliminated.


That’s Derek Fairhurst (218) trying to launch himself over Chris Brocksopp (338).

Words and Photos: Colin Casserley

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