Flashback Friday: F1 Drivers in Ministox

The National Ministox open their season this Sunday at Buxton Raceway. The brain child of Long Eaton promoter, Keith Barber, the formula began at the Midlands track in the mid-1970s, and has been adopted by just about every oval track and promotion since. The formula has been the starting point for just about every one of the current BriSCA F1 and F2 drivers, so for the Flashback Friday, here is a look at some of the drivers who have recently moved up from the Minis into BriSCA F1s.


Austin Moore (127) made his F1 debut at the Birmingham Gala meeting at the tail end of 2014 in an ex-Ben Hurdman (207) car. This is Austin at Buxton back in April 2009.


Michael Steward (70) enjoying a collision free race at Skegness, May 2007. Michael was one of the sensations of the F1 2014 season; in his first real season in F1s he won four races and enough points to gain a red roof.


Hayley Parkinson (344 – F1 54) at Workington in April 2004. Hayley moved into BriSCA F1s in 2006 but has only been seen on the tracks occasionally in recent times.


Josh Smith (91 – F1 191) and Michael Steward (70) tangle at Northampton, June 2006.


At the same meeting in June 2006, Michael Steward tangles with Josh Coleman (5 – F2 615). Josh has been a successful racer in BriSCA F2, winning a semi final at Mildenhall in 2014 earning pole position for the Cowdenbeath world final.


Chris Cowley (73 – F1 37) raced sporadically in the minis, but always put on a good show. He is one of the crowd favourites in F1s due to his no nonsense style of driving. He is shown here in the Minstox at Barford in April 2002.


A quartet of future F1 drivers, Danny Wainman (1), Luke Davidson (494 – F1 464), Josh Smith (91 – F1 191), Michael Steward (70 – F1 512) at Northampton in 2006


Josh Smith (91 – F1 191) and Billy Webster (226) collide at Northampton in July 2007. Josh moved into F1s in March 2010 and won his first final shortly after, in April of the same year. Billy moved into F2s, where he is a perennial race winner.


Ryan Harrison (971 – F1 197) at Skegness during the shale era. Ryan won the European title and National Series in 2013, as well as the Under 25s championship on three occasions.


Dan Johnson (383 – F1 4) had a few seasons in Ministox where he quickly moved up to red grade. Dan has won 15 F1 finals as well as the European Championship at Northampton and the World Cup at Venray in 2014.


Dan Johnson (383) in action.


Jake Hall (80 – F1 511) made a few appearances in F1s in 2014.


Danny Wainman (212) at Northampton in September 2002 – in the days before the minis switched to the anti clockwise direction they use today. Danny won the Minis Gold roof in 2005 and the points title in 2006.


Danny also raced in the Orci minis; he is shown upside down at Barford in 2004.


Joe Booth (446) at Skegness, October 2003. Joe won the Ministox points in 2007 and the God roof in 2006. He has won four F1 finals.


Josh Smith with a red roof at Northampton.


Richard Bryan (238) at Skegness in October 2003. Work commitments have restricted Richard’s outings in F1s in recent years, but he has still chalked up several race wins.


The Davidson brothers, Luke (494) and Lee (464 – F1 494), at Buxton in July 2006.


Luke passing Spencer Taylor (490). Spencer raced F1 briefly before he emigrated to Australia.


Luke Davidson (494 – F1 464) at Northampton in June 2006. Luke won the Ministox British championship in 2005 and 2006. He won the F1 European championship in 2010.


Alex Wass (283) at Northampton in June 2010. Alex has won a couple of races in F1. With a new car due to make it’s debut in 2015, expect to see him claim a few more race wins!


Tom Harris (8 – F1 84) on the shale at Skegness in 2003. Tom has been one of the must successful drivers in F1s in recent years; winning the National Series, the World title, the European and World Cup since 2011.


Georgia Neachell (322 – F1 320) at Wimbledon in August 2006. Georgia made a few appearances in F1s towards the end of the last decade.


Georgia and Billy Webster tangle at Buxton in July 2006.


The line up for the 2007 Ministox gold roof race. Joe Booth (446) and Jack Aldridge (211) lead the line up. The race is considered by many to be one of the best races seen on any oval on the UK.


Turn two, last lap of the Gold roof race at King’s Lynn and five drivers going for the lead. Tim Aldridge (212) (out of shot) snuck through to win on the final turn from Billy Webster (226) and Jake Hall (80).


Joe Booth (446) pushing Spencer Taylor (490) out of the way at the Ministox’s only ever appearance at Wimbledon.


Mickey Brennan (68 – F2 968) won the Ministox British in 2002 and 2004. He has taken the F2 world title on a couple of occasions. He is seen here with Sam Wagner (822 – F1 423) , who has had a couple of outings in F1s at the end of season Gala meeting.


Bradley Harrison won the British title in 2008. He is rumoured to be racing in F1s in 2015, following in his grandfather (Willie Harrison) and his father’s ( Paul Harrison) footsteps.


Dylan Williams-Maynard (151 – F1 51) is one of the most exciting drivers in BriSCA F1s; his all out action style of driving has won him three finals and many fans since he came into the sport in 2010. This ministox photo is from Skegness in May, 2007.


Bobby Griffin won the Ministox gold roof in 2009. He entered Brisca f1s in 2014 and quickly established himself as a race winner.


Timmy Aldridge (515 – F1 257) was a three time Ministox points champion and twice won the Gold roof race. He raced F1s for many seasons but, in recent years, has been racing Saloons and Bangers.


Karl Roberts (3 – F1 313) won the Gold roof and Points in Minstox in 2001, and the British in 2003. He began racing F1s in 2014 where he constantly finished in the points-paying positions.


Karl Hawkins won the British Ministox title in 2010 and 2011. He moves into F1s this season after some time in V8 Hotstox.


Jack Aldridge (211 – F1 421) made his F1 debut at the tail end of 2014 driving the ex-Mike James car. It is rumoured he will be a regular on tarmac in the formula in 2015. In his Ministox day, Jack won the Gold roof race in 2007, 2008 & 2010, the points title in 2008. 2009 & 2010 and the British in 2009.

Words and photos: Colin Casserley

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