Flashback Friday: BriSCA F1 Stockcars Through the Ages (Part 8)

Flashback Friday: A weekly article brought to you from the vaults of top BriSCA photographer Colin Casserley.

A trip down memory lane or educational for the newer fan. As this years flashback reaches its last instalment, we revisit some of the stars and their cars that have entertained, pioneered and shaped the sport that is BriSCA Formula One Stock Car racing.

This week: Stock car racing is an action sport, so the final Flashback Friday before the season returns highlights some of the action of the past. Today’s drivers still serve up some great entertainment so let’s take one look back on the past before looking forward to what promises to be another exciting season.

Pete 'Badger' Bailey (232)

Pete “Badger” Bailey (232) gets snared by the Northampton fence. the sort of action that is typical of the post & wire fences.

Ted Janes (66) and Dave Chisolm (252)

Ted Janes (66) lands on top of Dave Chisholm (252) in front of the Northampton Grandstand. Sadly the grandstand fell foul of the elements and legislation.

Danny Clarke 203

Danny Clarke (203) made an instant impression in stock car racing, he managed to roll over on his debut at Coventry in 1973. It was one of several roll overs for Danny that year.

Dave Taylor (30) and Jim Wilde (90)

Dave Taylor (30) and Jim Wilde (90) both go for a wild ride at Northampton after hitting the infield marker barrels.

Ken Saunders (121) and Rob Bradsell (265)

Rob Bradsell (265) was an infrequent visitor to Northampton in the early 1970s. Ken Saunders (121) got caught up with Bradsell’s infamous “Greenhouse” car on one of his rare visits.

Jamie Pfeifer (USA 99)

American Jamie Pfeifer (USA 99) borrowed the Bob Tanser car at Odsal in 1978. After tangling with the beams protecting the Rugby field the car caught fire. Thankfully Jamie escaped unharmed, but the rules were soon changed to prevent a similar incident.

Sam Ostle (351)

“Travelling” Sam Ostle (351) was a regular visitor to all tracks on the schedule and was known for his immaculately presented cars. A visit to the Coventry fence gave the crew some work to get the car back into shape, and the Coventry staff had some work to repair a damage track light pole

Gordon Brown (338) rolls

Sam Ostle (351) and Stuart Smith (139) look on at Odsal as Gordon Brown (338) rolls it. The tarmac racing on the square shape Odsal track has often been noted as some of the finest stock car racing ever.

Stuart Smith (391)

It even happens to the best. Stuart Smith’s (391) heat race incident at Coventry’s 1977 world final is one of the most remembered incidents in Stock car racing.

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