Flashback Friday: BriSCA F1 Stockcars Through the Ages (Part 7)

Flashback Friday: A weekly article brought to you from the vaults of top BriSCA photographer Colin Casserley.

A trip down memory lane or educational for the newer fan. As this years flashback comes to a close, we revisit some of the stars and their cars that have entertained, pioneered and shaped the sport that is BriSCA Formula One Stock Car racing.

This week: F1 stock car racing has been full of characters over the years, and still is. We have a look at some of the drivers who struck a chord with the fans.

Gordon Smith (293)

Gordon Smith (293), his rugged no no nonsense style of driving was a hit with the fans. Gordon is seen here at Odsal in the late 1970s in his familiar Mini bodied car. Gordon’s choice of “Overalls” would not go down too well with health & safety in the modern era!

Ritchie Ahern (18)

The Ahern Rats were a formidable banger team at the southern tracks of Harringay, West Ham and Rayleigh. Two of the team moved into F1s, Bobby Burns (471) and Ritchie Ahern (18). This photo captures Ahern in one of his early outings at Northampton in a car previously raced by Bobby Burns.

Willie Harrison (2)

Willie Harrison (2) has always been a fan favourite, and his world final win at Belle Vue remains one of the most emotional nights in the history of the sport.

Rob Bradsell (265)

Rob Bradsell (265) in action at Rochdale, although this is a colour photograph it is hard to tell! Rochdale’s surface was far from the red shale used at Coventry!

Ted Janes (66)

Ted Janes (66) was more known for his Mini bodied car from the 1960s, but he returned to racing in the mid 1970s in this machine. The Texan was using a 283ci small block chevy at a time when 427ci and 454ci “Rat” motors were the thing to have. Janes may also stake a claim to be one of the first cars to sport a wing.

Wilf Blundell (75)

Southport’s Wilf Blundell (75) was a gentleman of the sport and one of those drivers that everyone liked. Wilf is in action at White City when the track had a dirt surface. Blundell was also one of the drivers to champion the F2 formula when the North West tracks started to run the formula in the late 70s.

Dave Berresford (260)

Dave Berresford (260) was noted for the appearance of his cars, which were always immaculately turned out. “Bezz” is lining up next to Wilf Hargreaves (385), another North West stalwart, at Northampton.

Dave Chisolm (252)

Dave Chisholm (252) was one of the few drivers who was able to give Stuart Smith (391) a run for his money. “Chissy” was the first driver to win both F1 and F2 world titles, the first to win 3 world finals in a row, and first to win world finals on tarmac and shale. Needless to say the Wheathampstead driver had a legion of fans not only from his native South, but also from the rest of the country.


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