Flashback Friday 2012: BriSCA F1 Stockcars Through The Ages (Part 4)

Flashback Friday: A weekly article brought to you from the vaults of top BriSCA photographer Colin Casserley and again this week Rick Young.

Moving over the country to the North East, Aycliffe Stadium became an outpost of BriSCA in 1966. However it had run many years before that as an independent track and had already built up a good driver and fan base.

1. Tony Neal (100) was perhaps the first superstar from the North East. He won the 1968 world final in this car. Tony went on to tour New Zealand with the British team that included Stuart Smith (391), Dave Chisholm (252), Willie Harrison (2), Tony Allen (348) and Chick Woodroffe (1). The two Tonys would later emigrate to New Zealand and become very much involved with the racing scene over there, Neal remained in stock cars while Allen moved into the Sprint cars.

Tony Neal 100. Photo Derek Hibbs

2. Bert Shipman (297) was another driver to make his mark in BriSCA reaching red grade. He bought the Ellis Ford car and engine and amended the chassis, the car is pictured below.

Bert Shipman 297. Photo Derek Hibbs

3. Ron (Dixie) Deane (20) was another behind the success of Aycliffe Stadium, although he stopped driving in the late 1960s he remained as scrutineer for many years.

Ron Deane 20. Photo Derek Hibbs

4. Tom Geldard (154) was one of a number of folks behind the Aycliffe Club, becoming clerk of the course when his racing days were over. Tom’s Pontiac GTO engine found it’s way into the Potent Mix car of Doug Cronshaw (396).

Tom Geldard 154. Photo Derek Hibbs

5. The Eldest of the Taylor brothers from Kelloe, Warren (187) would later be part of the promotional team that opened Hartlepool Stadium in 1975. Originally a Thursday night track, Sunday eventually became the race day.

Warren Taylor 187. Photo Colin Casserley

6. Gerald Taylor (250) won the British Championship in 1972 and raced successfully for many years. His son Gareth races in f2s.

Gerald Taylor 250. Photo Colin Casserley

7. Russell Taylor (544) was a fan favourite with his all action style of driving.

Russell Taylor 544. Photo Rick Young

8. Ernie Dent (67) was from just down the road from Aycliffe Stadium, but used to travel occasionally to tracks such as Northampton. Ernie retired in 1972, around the same time that Aycliife Stadium first came under pressure of closure due to re-development.

Ernie Dent 67. Photo Colin Casserley

9. Harrogate’s Willie Houseman (103) was an Aycliffe regular around the beginning of the 1970s but like Dent he often travelled further afield. He is seen here at Northampton.

Wilie Houseman 103. Photo Rick Young

10. Gordon Carr (69) did most of his racing at Aycliffe. He is seen here in the ex Bert Shipman spaceframe car that Bert bought from Tony Neal, at Aycliffe in 1972.

Gordon Carr 69. Photo Colin Casserley

11. Boroughbridges’ Jimmy Young (106) was a familiar face at many of the tracks in the North. Young began racing in 1963 and was still racing over 30 years later.

Jimmy Young 106. Photo Colin Casserley

12. Derek Balbach (176) from Stockton on Tees held the famous 176 number in the early 1970s. Derek seldom strayed from the North East, but he is seen here at Harringay at the first ever Grand National Championship meeting.

Derek Balbach 176. Photo Colin Casserley

13. Gordon Forster (14) was racing at the time Aycliffe came to BriSCA in 1966, he is seen here at the track in circa 1974.

Gordon Foster 14. Photo Colin Casserley

14. The car went on to be driven by John Dowson (294), who quickly went up the grades. John can still be seen around the tracks helping his son John Dowson Jr in F2s.

John Dowson 294. Photo Colin Casserley

15. Ali Davison (115) made his debut in an ex Gerald Taylor car, but is more remembered for driving this car. He is seen here taking a short cut around turns 1 & 2 at Aycliffe.

Ali Davison 115. Photo Colin Casserley

16. Rob Chicken (159) was one of those drivers that raced almost exclusively in the North East, and only for a season or two. R Chicken scaffolding signs have been seen at Sunderland Football Club, I wonder if it is the same R Chicken?

Rob Chicken 159. Photo Colin Casserley

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