BriSCA F1 World Final 2010 – Overseas Entrants

A drivers single fastest lap in the BriSCA World Final F1 stock car qualifying determines their grid position.
There are eight Dutch qualifiers, three from tarmac and five from the ‘dirt’. With the building of the Dutch shaleway Emmen and the off season under concreting of St Maarten, the Dutch have been able to gain a lot more experience on English style tracks in their own country. With regard to Antipodean visitors, Australia has one confirmed entrant from the Queensland Stockcar Club and New Zealand have three competitors including their current World 240s Champion.

These are all the Drivers confirmed as taking part.

All photos courtesy of Colin Casserley’s Stoxphotos

Dutch Dirt qualifiers

Pieter Dogger T12

An accomplished dirt racer from the island of Texel. Competed at the 2009 Kings Lynn World Final meeting and Coventry 2006. Has already won two Finals at St Maarten in April and June this year and knows what to expect. Regularly carries an on-board camera on his stock car, link to the clips on his own website HERE

Pieter Dogger T12. Photo Colin Casserley

Berry Paardenkooper H25

This is Berry’s final season in F1 stock cars, so he was determined to qualify for the World Final just as he qualified for the WF in his very first season. Won the May St Maarten Final and has raced at Coventry before; for the previous 2006 World Final and the 2009 Golden Helmet weekender.

Berry Paardenkooper H25. Photo Colin Casserley

Fred Hink H35

An accomplished Dutch dirt racer but has visited the UK on numerous occasions. Won the 2010 Dutch Open at St Maarten in fine style after hitting every car he came across so not adverse to using the bumper. Has won a final at Emmen earlier in the year and came third in the last final there this August. Always places well on the Dutch dirt and should go well at Coventry.

Fred Hink H35. Photo Colin Casserley

Jessy de Bruijn H399

Young driver that debuted in F1 stock cars in 2008 when he only raced tarmac. Qualified for the Kings Lynn World Final 2009 as one of the three tarmac drivers but this year has qualified via the ‘dirt’. Kings Lynn World Final meeting was his first taste of shale racing in an old Schaap car but he coped well. Now in possession of the ex-Willie Peeters car (H24) and is fully competent on both tarmac and dirt.

Jessy de Bruijn H399. Photo Colin Casserley

Arno van Zwieten ZH414

Newcomer to F1 stock cars, having previously raced in the Dutch 4 Cylinder formula. Has successfully qualified for the BriSCA World Final in his first year in F1 stock cars. At August’s Emmen, he came second in the final which can only bode well. Has ZH on wing to represent Zuid Holland, a region of the Netherlands.

Arno van Zwieten ZH414. Photo Colin Casserley

Dutch Tarmac Qualifiers

Dave Schaap H007

Gained the highest podium finish when second to Frankie Wainman jnr in 2005. Raced at Coventry World Final 2006 but seems to prefer tarmac. Not adverse to racing on shale and was again the highest overseas driver in the BriSCA Kings Lynn 2007 World Final winning the Piet Keizer memorial trophy.

Dave Schaap H007. Photo Colin Casserley

Louw Wobbes H22

The Gold Cup 2008 winner when it was held at Warneton, Belgium. Raced at Coventry World Final 2006, Peter Falding Testimonial 2008 and the Kings Lynn World Final 2009. Has been doing more dirt racing in Holland and debuted his new dirt car in June at Sint Annaparochie. Known as the ‘Friesland Outlaw’ and the only Friesland driver to qualify for the World Final.

Louw Wobbes H22. Photo Colin Casserley

Gary Castell H247

The only Englishman to qualify via the Overseas entrant qualification system due to driving for the Dutch Team Baarlo. Won the Gold Cup at Venray in August on tarmac. Has plenty of shale experience and competed in the 2009 World Final at Kings Lynn.

Gary Castell H247. Photo Colin Casserley

Antipodean Qualifiers

Martin Wilkinson Aus 1/35

Queensland stock car driver who was their Overall Club Champion in 2010. Came second in the Australian title final but the winner (Nick Cameron) was unable to take up the opportunity to race in the BriSCA World Final so second place Martin (Marty) stepped up to take his place. It is likely that he will be driving a Tony Smith car.

Martin Wilkinson Aus35. Photo Steve Stolle

Scott Joblin NZ52

Brother of Simon who represented NZ in the Coventry World Final 2006 and son of Russell who raced in the 1986 Coventry World final. Scott will be driving the Clive Lintern built BriSCA F1 stock car ‘Red Arrow’ that was built in New Zealand and transported over in August. Qualified for the BriSCA World Final by winning the World 240s in New Zealand (see report HERE).

Scott Joblin NZ52. Photo Colin Casserley

Scott Miers 8p

Third time over here racing in the World Final for the Palmerston Promoter. Raced at Coventry in 2000 and Kings Lynn 2009. Had the fastest lap time in 2009, putting him on the inside of row three for the World Final and went onto be the highest non-European finisher.

Scott Miers 8p. Photo Colin Casserley.

Peter Bengston 58p

Peter was last here in 2008 for the World Final at Ipswich where he unfortunately only lasted a few laps. Raced several meetings whilst in the UK and even made the trip over to Warneton as well to race in the Falding car. Another hard hitter from New Zealand, so will be putting the bumper in.

Peter Bengston 58p. Photo Colin Casserley.

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