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What is BriSCA Formula One Stock Car Racing ?

BriSCA Formula One Stock Cars are purpose built, open wheeled, unlimited engine capacity, single seater racing cars. Designed and constructed to a strict specification, they have evolved over a period of fifty years from a pre 1954 standard road car to today’s remarkable combination of sophistication and brute force.

Born out of a requirement to circulate a 400 metre oval in the fastest possible time in the company of up to thirty other cars with similar characteristics, these 1500 kilogram motorised leviathans have the mandate to forceably remove slower cars from the racing line whilst engaging in a multiple lap challenge that goes beyond conventional motor sport.

It’s not speed, aggression or strategy, but a combination of all three that determines the real winners and projects the top drivers towards superstar status.

Just to add to the challenge for man and machine, competitors are graded. The fastest drivers, based upon careful analysis of previous performance, start at the back of the grid with the slower cars at the front, a unique format which stimulates the competitive instinct in all drivers irrespective of their starting position.

With roof colours designating capability, grids are made up of representatives from each grade.

White, Yellow, Blue and Red roofs are the sequence from the front of the grid with the top drivers in the country, known as “The Superstars”, starting at the very back.

Slow-rolling laps signal the start of each race and when the white-roofed cars come out of turn four, the green flag drops and it’s action all the way, as in excess of 12500 cubic inches of engine capacity converts the arena into a supercharged, no holds barred cauldron for oval supremacy over a minimum of sixteen laps.

What is the History of BriSCA Formula One ?

The origins of BriSCA Formula One Stock Car Racing can be traced to the birth of oval track racing in the UK and the first ever stock car race at the New Cross Stadium, London on Good Friday 1954.

Since then, the sport has operated continuously at stadiums and race circuits throughout the UK and over 5000 meetings have been staged at ninety four venues. They have stretched the length and breadth of the United Kingdom from Glasgow, Edinburgh and Cowdenbeath in the north to Carlyon Bay, Ringwood and Canterbury in the south.

From Great Yarmouth and Newcastle in the east to Neath Abbey and Liverpool in the west. Sandwiched in between a myriad of major cities, medium sized towns and small villages, all of which have a common identity.

Some of these associations were but fleeting relationships whilst others have stood the test of time.

Today, the veteran venues are Coventry, it was there back in 1954, and Northampton which joined just one year later. Both have operated continuously since then whilst others like Sheffield were there at the beginning but then lost touch only to be reacquainted many years later.

More recent newcomers have been Ipswich and Bristol in the south and Cowdenbeath and Knockhill in Scotland. Many other stadiums have also put on guest appearances, such as Yarmouth, and Arena Essex, and also Rockingham the large USA style banked oval near Corby.

What is BriSCA ?

BriSCA is the Brand name of the British Stock Car Association, the organisation that manages BriSCA Formula One Stock Car Racing in the UK.

BriSCA consists of six permanent promoter members and a Chairman (non promoter) who are jointly responsible as the Governing Body for all aspects of the sport.

BriSCA has formal working arrangements with organisations in Mainland Europe as well as associations with enterprises in New Zealand, Canada and the USA.

All venues that stage BriSCA Formula One Stock Car Racing have to be Licensed by and meet the requirements of the British Stock Car Association. To comply with Insurance arrangements all drivers wishing to race at a BriSCA Formula One Licensed meeting have to be registered in advance by the BriSCA Office.

Rules and regulations related to car specifications, race procedures, track requirements and all other aspects of the sport are updated annually by the British Stock Car Association in conjunction with their advisors.

What is the BSCDA ?

The BSCDA is the acronym of the British Stock Car Drivers Association, the organisation (founded in 1955) that is responsible for looking after the interests of those drivers who race BriSCA Formula One Stock Cars in the UK. Any person who wishes to race an F1 Stockcar must register with the BSCDA and a list of registered drivers is available on the BSCDA official website.

In 1976 the Drivers Benevolent Fund was formed to help those having to take time away from work with racing injuries. This was registered as a Charity in 1984 and became known as the BSCDA Trust Fund. The Trust Fund Race is an annual event that is open to the Superstars and Red Grade drivers.

Once a year at the commencement of the off season the BSCDA have a Dinner Dance with awards for driver achievements. The annual AGM on the following day is where committee members are decided and pertinent issues relating to the season that year and issues for the future are discussed.

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official BSCDA website description

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